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Are you looking for a sleek, authoritative site to get your car dealership ‘on the road’? Look no further. At Amazing Cars and Drives, we offer car enthusiasts, dealerships and traders a total guide to the roads, connecting prospective buyers with their dream cars in Northern Ireland and beyond.

We’re more than just a luxury vehicle platform. We are Northern Ireland’s definitive car buyer’s guide, offering expert advice, top tips and industry insights which will help guide your decision-making, from the showroom to the open road. Our gorgeous content highlights some of the best examples of high performance and luxury motoring this industry has to offer.

At Amazing Cars and Drives, we drive campaigns that inform, engage and inspire. We are a sub-brand of ProfileTree, an award-winning content marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. ProfileTree have spearheaded successful campaigns for clients across a range of industries. With this exciting platform, we seek to drive home the importance of content marketing to key players in the car and vehicle industry.

Drive Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy with Amazing Cars and Drives

Don’t just listen to what we say. Our beautiful, high-resolution reviews have amassed thousands of views via our official YouTube channel, featuring vehicles from some of the country’s top dealerships. We’re passionate about high-performance driving and luxury interiors: that’s why our reviews discuss cars inside and out, informing one of the biggest decisions you’ll make.

Do you want to take your car dealership’s marketing strategy to the next level? Get in touch with Amazing Cars and Drives today to enquire about opportunities for marketing partnerships. Our full-service agency approach can bring your car dealership advertising campaign to new and exciting places, placing your content in front of the audiences that matter most.

We can drive your dealership’s marketing campaign. To enquire about content partnerships, contact our expert team today.

How to get started?

Whether you are new to creating video content for your dealership or have a bank of videos waiting to share, we are keen to share your videos, regardless of brand, model or level of your dealership. 

We will show you how to create your own videos with our how to guide:

With your video content, we will promote it through a number of our channels to our audience and expand the awareness of your dealership to a much wider audience.

We are offering you this promotional package with the first three months for the price of one. After the three month period, we will offer promotion on a monthly rate of £40 or $50/Euros.

We offer SEO packages at a retail value of £500 per month and with this package, you are making major savings marketing your dealership.

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