The Ultimate Guide to the BMW M3 Saloon: Price, Specs, and Interior Features


Navigating the bustling world of high-performance saloons can be challenging, with many specs and features to consider. We’re all too familiar with this ordeal, having delved deep into the many choices available.

Amongst them stands the BMW M3 Saloon – not merely a slice of luxury on wheels but a shining exemplar of prowess courtesy of its twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder engine. Embark on our comprehensive guide, where we’ll dissect everything from pricing to those sumptuous interior details that make a car unique, ensuring your selection process is as clear-cut and enlightened as possible.

So buckle up; discovering what makes this iconic sports sedan tick is an exhilarating journey ahead.

Overview of the BMW M3 Saloon


The BMW M3 Saloon is a high-performance car that has been a staple in BMW’s lineup for generations. With its turbocharged inline-cylinder engine and precision engineering, it has become a top choice for those seeking luxury and performance in one package.

Background and history of the model

Born from a legacy of racing prowess, the BMW M3 Saloon first roared into life in 1986, setting new standards for performance sedans. With its roots firmly planted in the motorsport world, this high-performance saloon car captured hearts with its exhilarating driving dynamics and precision engineering.

Each generation has built on this success, harnessing cutting-edge technology to push boundaries further.

We’ve witnessed an icon’s evolution as it accelerated through numerous enhancements. From introducing turbocharged power to refining luxury interiors, every iteration brought something extraordinary to the table.

Its journey reflects a deep commitment to excellence that continues to attract motoring enthusiasts worldwide. Performance aficionados revere the M3 for its twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine—a testament to BMW’s dedication to innovation and superior driving experiences.

Different generations of the M3 Saloon

As we delve into the evolution of the M3 Saloon, here are the various generations that have left an indelible mark on the automotive world:

  1. The E30 generation of the M3 Saloon began in 1986 and was renowned for its high-revving 4-cylinder engine and sharp handling.
  2. The E36 M3 Saloon, introduced in 1992, featured a more refined design and increased engine displacement for improved performance.
  3. The E46 M3 Saloon, launched in 2000, boasted a more powerful engine and enhanced aerodynamics, setting new standards for sports saloons.
  4. The E90/E92/E93 generation brought the first V8-powered M3 Saloon, offering enthusiasts unprecedented power and performance.
  5. Enter the F80 generation, featuring a return to the inline-6 engine setup with added turbocharging technology for exhilarating driving dynamics.

Performance Facts: Design, Powertrain, Suspension and Output

The BMW M3 Saloon boasts a powerful TwinPower Turbo petrol engine, advanced transmission options, and precision chassis design for optimal performance. With exceptional traction and steering response, it sets the standard for high-performance saloon cars.

Comparison of different M3 Saloon models

When we delve into the thrilling world of BMW‘s M3 Saloon, we’re greeted with a spectrum of models, each with unique attributes. Let’s compare them in a format you’ll appreciate – a concise, fact-packed table that dissects the core differences:

ModelEnginePowerTorque0-60 mph (sec)Top Speed (mph)
M3 SaloonIn-line 6-cylinder Twin-Turbo480 hp550 Nm4.2155 (limited)
M3 Competition SaloonIn-line 6-cylinder Twin-Turbo510 hp650 Nm3.9180 (with M Driver’s Package)
M3 CSIn-line 6-cylinder Twin-TurboSpeculative higher output*Speculative higher torque*TBDTBD

*Note that the specs for the M3 CS model are speculative as of our knowledge cutoff and will be updated upon official release.

We’re moving on to the distinctive features that set these machines apart from the competition.

Notable features and specifications

Let’s delve into the notable features and specifications that set the BMW M3 Saloon apart:

  1. The M3 Saloon’s in-line 6-cylinder engine, paired with twin-turbo technology, delivers impressive power and torque for a thrilling driving experience.
  2. Its technical specifications, including dimensions, engines, weight, power, speed, and fuel tank capacity, offer potential buyers detailed information to evaluate.
  3. The car’s interior features are designed to enhance the driving experience with comfort, luxury, and cutting-edge technology.
  4. The price of the BMW M3 Saloon varies depending on the model and specifications chosen, offering discerning buyers a wide range of options.
  5. Its competition model offers even more power and performance for those seeking an adrenaline-fueled driving experience.
  6. The M3 Saloon has received positive reviews for its high performance, competitive pricing, and exceptional specifications.

Features and Highlights of the M3 CS, M3 Competition Saloon, and M3 CS

The M3 CS, M3 Competition Saloon, and M3 CS offer a range of unique features and design elements that set them apart from other models in the BMW M3 series. From enhanced performance capabilities to exclusive interior and exterior details, these versions of the M3 Saloon cater to drivers looking for an extra touch of luxury and sportiness in their driving experience.

Product highlights and impressions

The M3 CS, M3 Competition Saloon, and M3 CS offer an array of impressive product highlights and features. With enhanced engine power and performance tweaks, these models take luxury to the next level.

The interior boasts cutting-edge technology for an immersive driving experience, while the exterior design exudes sporty elegance. Overall, these high-performance saloons deliver an adrenaline-fuelled driving experience that car enthusiasts will surely appreciate.

Impressions of the BMW M3 Saloon range from its responsive transmission with Drivelogic to its exceptional chassis and steering dynamics. This luxury car offers a seamless blend of traction and precision.

Design features for both interior and exterior

  1. The interior showcases high-quality materials, such as premium leather upholstery, carbon fibre trim, and modern tech accents, providing a luxurious and sporty feel.
  2. Exterior design elements include aerodynamic contours, signature kidney grilles, sleek LED headlights, and bold M-specific details for an aggressive and dynamic appearance.
  3. The ergonomically designed cockpit ensures driver-focused controls and comfort, with customisable settings for a tailored driving experience.
  4. The exterior features distinctive M badging, quad exhaust tips, and eye-catching paint to express the car’s high-performance nature.

BMW M Performance Parts for the M3 Saloon

Enhance the performance and style of your BMW M3 Saloon with a range of extra-sporty equipment options and customisation features. From carbon fibre exterior components to high-performance brakes, discover how to make your M3 Saloon unique.

Extra-sporty equipment options

The BMW M3 Saloon offers a range of extra-sporty equipment options to enhance its performance and aesthetics. These include:

  1. Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof: This lightweight material reduces weight and lowers the car’s centre of gravity, improving overall performance.
  2. M Performance exhaust system: Enhances engine response and provides a distinctive sporty sound, elevating the driving experience.
  3. M Performance wheels: Lightweight alloy wheels designed for optimum performance and a striking appearance, available in various designs and sizes for customisation.
  4. Carbon-fibre interior trim: Adds a sporty touch to the cabin while reducing weight, showcasing high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  5. Enhanced aerodynamics package: This package includes front splitters, rear spoilers, and diffusers to improve downforce and stability at higher speeds.

How to customise your M3 Saloon

After exploring the extra-sporty equipment options for your BMW M3 Saloon, let’s explore how you can personalise and customise your high-performance car to suit your preferences and driving needs. Here are various ways to tailor your M3 Saloon:

  1. Consider adding carbon fibre exterior accents, such as front splitters, rear spoilers, or mirror caps, to enhance the sporty look of your M3 Saloon.
  2. Upgrade your wheels with high-performance, lightweight alloy rims in different designs and finishes for a customised and distinctive appearance.
  3. Explore interior customisation options, including carbon fibre trim, Alcantara upholstery, and bespoke stitching details to elevate the luxury feel of your M3 Saloon’s cabin.
  4. To further enhance the driving experience, opt for performance-enhancing upgrades like upgraded exhaust systems, suspension kits, or brake enhancements offered by BMW M Performance Parts.
  5. Personalise your M3 Saloon with additional technology features such as advanced infotainment systems, wireless charging options, or premium audio upgrades to create a tailored driving environment.
  6. Choose from various vibrant and unique paint colours to make a bold statement with your M3 Saloon’s exterior appearance.
  7. Enhance aerodynamics with rear diffusers or side skirts explicitly tailored for the BMW M3 Saloon model.
  8. Consider performance tuning options from BMW’s official tuning partners to extract even more power and responsiveness from your M3 Saloon’s engine.
  9. Customise the interior ambient lighting settings to create a personalised atmosphere within the cabin based on driver preferences and moods.
  10. Explore exclusive accessories and merchandise from BMW, tailored specifically for the M3 Saloon to complement and personalise the interior and exterior.

Pricing, Financing, and Leasing Options

Explore the pricing options, financing plans, and leasing deals available for the BMW M3 Saloon. Learn about BMW Financial Services and find out how to purchase this high-performance saloon car.

BMW Financial Services

BMW Financial Services provides a range of financing and leasing options for the BMW M3 Saloon, allowing car enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of this high-performance vehicle easily.

The tax price range and lease deals are designed to cater to different budgetary needs, making the M3 Saloon accessible to a wide range of potential buyers. Alongside these options, frequently asked questions about the M3 Saloon are addressed, providing clarity on key aspects such as pricing, financing process details, and specific terms.

These transparent financial offerings complement the outstanding features and specifications that make the BMW M3 Saloon an attractive choice among high-performance saloons.

The BMW Financial Services division offers customisable financing solutions tailored to individual preferences and requirements, ensuring prospective owners can obtain their dream car without hassle or stress.

Tax price range and lease deals

We can explore various tax price ranges and lease deals for the BMW M3 Saloon. The car’s price varies depending on chosen models and specifications, offering options for diverse needs. When considering a lease, potential buyers should note that the specific dimensions, boot space, and equipment options, including BMW M Performance Parts available for customisation, are detailed for evaluation before making a decision. Moreover, financing and leasing plans through BMW Financial Services are available to provide flexible payment options.

The comprehensive pricing information offered by BMW Financial Services can help determine the most suitable plan according to individual preferences or business requirements. It is essential to review FAQs about the M3 Saloon’s pricing and leasing policies to make well-informed decisions based on personal needs or commercial usage. Prospective buyers can benefit from understanding these specific terms of owning or leasing an M3 Saloon.

Moving forward, we delve into frequently asked questions about the iconic high-performing sports saloon – addressing queries potential buyers might have regarding maintenance cost and warranty coverage.

FAQs about the M3 Saloon

Looking for more details about the BMW M3 Saloon? Here are some frequently asked questions about this high-performance car:

  1. How does the interior of the BMW M3 Saloon compare to other sports saloons in its class?
  2. What are the available engine options and their respective performance figures for the BMW M3 Saloon?
  3. Can I customise my BMW M3 Saloon with additional performance parts from BMW M Performance?
  4. What pricing and financing options are available for the BMW M3 Saloon, including leasing deals and tax price range?
  5. Are there specific dimensions and boot space measurements available for the BMW M3 Saloon, and how do they compare to other cars in its category?
  6. What are some notable exterior and interior design features of the various models within the BMW M3 Saloon lineup?
  7. How does the handling and suspension setup of the BMW M3 Saloon contribute to its high-performance driving experience?
  8. Is a comprehensive comparison chart available that outlines the differences between different generations of the M3 Saloon?


In conclusion, the BMW M3 Saloon offers top-notch performance and cutting-edge technology. Its range of engine options allows for a tailored driving experience. Its luxurious interior features and customisable specifications make it an attractive option for those seeking high-performance saloon cars.

The positive reviews and wide range of pricing and financing options further solidify its appeal in the sports saloon market. For car enthusiasts looking for a combination of power, luxury, and advanced features, the BMW M3 Saloon is undoubtedly worth considering.


1. What is the BMW M3 Saloon?

The BMW M3 Saloon is a high-performance car known for its powerful engine, sleek design, and luxury interior features.

2. How much does the BMW M3 Saloon cost?

Prices vary based on specific models and options; check with your local dealership for up-to-date pricing on the BMW M3 Saloon.

3. Can you tell me about the specs of the BMW M3 Saloon?

The BMW M3 is packed with advanced specs, including a robust engine, cutting-edge technology, and safety features. It offers both speed and comfort in one saloon car.

4. Does the M3 have an all-wheel-drive option?

Some versions of the latest BMW M3 Saloon offer an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option to enhance performance and handling.


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