Exploring the Compact and Stylish Features of the Kia Picanto


Scouring the urban jungle for that ideal small car can be a bit like trying to find a four-leaf clover in your local park – an endeavour filled with equal parts hope and exasperation.

We know the feeling all too well, grappling to find that sweet spot between chic appeal, compact dimensions, and genuine usability. But hold tight – our thorough look at the Kia Picanto is about to show how this little gem masterfully blends convenience with charm, not forgetting its impressive 7-year warranty that truly is the cherry on top.

This piece will guide you through its nifty design nuances, state-of-the-art features, and robust safety assets. So buckle up as we uncover why the Picanto could very well be destined for your driveway!

Stand Out from the Crowd with the Picanto GT-Line

With its updated look and high style standards, the Picanto GT-Line is designed to turn heads on the road. With a range of exterior color options available, this compact car offers a stylish and unique driving experience.

Updated look

The Kia Picanto now sports a standout new design that’s sure to turn heads in the city. Our compact car has embraced an aggressive stance with its bold grille and sharp lines, reflecting a modern touch that matches its spirited performance.

The sleek headlights not only complement the updated sporty look but also ensure crystal-clear visibility on urban streets or motorways.

We’ve raised the bar high with this latest model, giving it an aesthetic revamp without compromising on practicality. It boasts a dynamic profile that stands out among hatchbacks, while offering ample boot space for your day-to-day needs.

With different trim levels and specifications available, you’re bound to find a Picanto that fits your style and budget perfectly.

High style standards

Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto

Enhancing the Kia Picanto’s visual appeal, the high style standards set it apart in the city car segment. With its bold and sporty design, the latest model of the Picanto boasts a distinctive grille, sharp lines, and a more aggressive stance.

The sleek headlights add to its modern appeal while still maintaining its compact size for urban mobility. This eye-catching design is further complemented by advanced technologies, making the Kia Picanto a stylish and progressive choice for those seeking both practicality and aesthetic sophistication.

The attention to detail extends beyond just visual elements as well. With spacious interiors designed for comfort and functionality, combined with an emphasis on fuel efficiency and economical features, the Kia Picanto sets high standards not only in appearance but also in overall performance.

Exterior color options

After discussing the high style standards of the Picanto GT-Line, let’s delve into the appealing exterior color options available for this stylish car:

  1. The Kia Picanto offers a vibrant and diverse range of colors, including Clear White, Titanium Silver, and Midnight Black.
  2. For those seeking a more dynamic look, there are also eye – catching colors such as Lime Light, Sparkling Silver, and Aurora Black Pearl.
  3. The exciting Fusion White and pop of Chilli Red provide additional choices to suit individual tastes.
  4. These bold and stylish color options allow you to make a personal statement with your compact city car.

Interior Features and Technology

The Kia Picanto boasts a range of interior features and advanced technology, including a wireless mobile phone charger, navigation system with an 8-inch touchscreen, and compatibility with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™.

The inclusion of an advanced rear view camera and rear parking sensors also enhance the driving experience in this compact yet stylish car.

Wireless mobile phone charger

The Kia Picanto comes equipped with a wireless mobile phone charger, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to keep your device powered up while on the go. The integrated charging pad eliminates the need for messy cables and adapters, ensuring that you can stay connected without distraction.

This feature aligns with the car’s practical and tech-savvy design, adding to its appeal as a modern urban vehicle.

With the wireless mobile phone charger in the Kia Picanto, drivers and passengers can enjoy seamless connectivity without having to worry about running out of battery during city commutes or longer journeys.

Navigation system with 8-inch touchscreen

The Kia Picanto comes equipped with a modern and user-friendly navigation system featuring an 8-inch touchscreen. This intuitive feature allows drivers to easily access maps, directions, and other essential travel information at their fingertips.

The touchscreen interface is responsive and easy to navigate, providing a seamless and convenient driving experience.

In addition to the navigation system, the 8-inch touchscreen also integrates seamlessly with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, allowing drivers to connect their smartphones for hands-free calling, music streaming, and accessing various mobile apps directly through the display.

Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™

Moving on from the impressive 8-inch touchscreen navigation system, it’s worth noting that the Kia Picanto also offers seamless connectivity with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™.

This means users can easily integrate their smartphones with the car’s infotainment system to access apps, make calls, send messages, and stream music while keeping their focus on the road.

These features enhance convenience and safety for city driving enthusiasts who rely heavily on their mobile devices.

Advanced rear view camera

The advanced rear view camera in the Kia Picanto provides enhanced visibility when reversing, helping drivers navigate tight parking spots with confidence. It offers a clear and wide-angle view of the area behind the car, reducing blind spots and making it easier to spot obstacles.

This feature adds an extra layer of safety and convenience for city driving or crowded car parks, allowing drivers to maneuver with precision. The technology integrates seamlessly into the 8-inch touchscreen display, offering a user-friendly experience that enhances overall driving satisfaction.

The advanced rear view camera complements the practicality of the Kia Picanto by providing additional peace of mind for drivers when navigating through challenging urban environments.

Rear parking sensors

The Kia Picanto is equipped with rear parking sensors, providing added convenience and safety when maneuvering in tight spaces. These sensors help detect obstacles behind the vehicle, alerting the driver through audible or visual signals to prevent potential collisions.

The addition of rear parking sensors enhances the overall driving experience, especially in urban environments where parking space is limited. With this feature, drivers can confidently navigate into parking spots with improved awareness, making city driving more manageable for both experienced and new drivers.

Additionally, the rear parking sensors contribute to the car’s impressive safety features, aligning with Kia’s commitment to delivering a secure and reliable driving experience for its customers.

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to safety, the Kia Picanto doesn’t disappoint. With features like Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) City and Kia Connect On-Board Services, you can have peace of mind on the road.

Plus, with customer reviews and the Kia Promise of a 7-year warranty, reliability is guaranteed.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) City

The Kia Picanto comes equipped with Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) City, a safety feature designed to help prevent collisions in urban driving conditions. This system utilises radar and camera sensors to detect vehicles or pedestrians in the car’s path and automatically applies the brakes if a potential collision is detected, reducing the risk of accidents.

FCA City provides an extra layer of protection for both drivers and pedestrians, offering peace of mind while navigating through city streets.

Developed with innovation and customer safety in mind, FCA City demonstrates Kia’s commitment to prioritising driver assistance technologies that enhance road safety. This advanced feature adds an extra level of reassurance for those who appreciate practicality without compromising on modern style or design aesthetics.

Kia Connect On-Board Services

Kia Connect On-Board Services provide a suite of features that enhance the driving experience. It offers real-time information, including traffic updates and weather forecasts, keeping you informed on the go.

The system also includes emergency assistance and vehicle health reports, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience to your journey. With Kia Connect On-Board Services, you can stay connected and in control of your car’s performance with just a few taps on the touchscreen.

Furthermore, Kia Connect On-Board Services offer remote access to various features such as locking and unlocking doors, checking the vehicle’s status, and even setting climate controls before stepping into the car.

Customer reviews

Car fans and enthusiasts who have experienced the Kia Picanto have been impressed by its stylish design, practical features, and overall performance. The 7-year warranty has given buyers peace of mind, reflecting a high level of confidence in the car’s reliability.

Furthermore, many customers appreciate the compact city car’s spaciousness and versatility for everyday use.

The Kia Picanto has received positive feedback for its sporty exterior, advanced technology, and safety features such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) City. Customers commend its sleek headlights which add to its modern appeal while providing excellent visibility on the road.

This compact city car stands out not only for its style but also for delivering a comfortable driving experience with impressive fuel economy — making it an attractive choice across various customer preferences and budgets.

Kia Promise

The Kia Picanto comes with a 7-year warranty, giving car fans peace of mind and demonstrating the brand’s confidence in the quality and reliability of their vehicles. This extensive cover offers reassurance that any unexpected repair costs will be covered for an extended period, making it an attractive option for those seeking long-term value from their purchase.

The Kia Promise underlines the commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles and exceptional customer service, ensuring that every aspect of owning a Kia Picanto is backed by dependable support.

The 7-year warranty provided as part of the Kia Promise showcases the manufacturer’s dedication to maintaining high standards throughout ownership, demonstrating a level of confidence in its products that few competitors can match.

7-year warranty

The Kia Picanto offers a remarkable 7-year warranty, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in the car’s quality and reliability. This long-term guarantee provides peace of mind for buyers, reflecting Kia’s commitment to delivering dependable and trustworthy vehicles.

With this robust warranty, owners can rest assured knowing that they are covered for an extended period, emphasising Kia’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

The 7-year warranty is a testament to Kia’s unwavering belief in the durability and performance of the Picanto over time. To learn more about the options available for purchase and financing, let’s delve into how you can bring home your very own stylish and practical Kia Picanto.

Options for Purchase and Financing

Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto

We’ll explore the various personal and business offers available for purchasing a Kia Picanto, as well as the flexible financing options to suit different needs. There are also used, rental, and Motability options to consider when looking into getting your hands on this stylish compact car.

Personal and business offers

  1. Competitive financing rates: Secure favourable financing terms tailored to your budget and financial situation, ensuring you can drive away in your dream car without breaking the bank.
  2. Business lease options: Benefit from flexible lease terms and favourable rates for businesses, whether you’re a sole trader or a larger organisation, making it seamless to add a fleet of stylish Kia Picantos to your business operations.
  3. Personal contract purchase (PCP): Take advantage of our PCP options, allowing you to drive a new Picanto every few years without the hassle of ownership responsibilities at competitive monthly payments.
  4. Business contract hire: Access exclusive business contract hire deals, providing fixed monthly rentals that include vehicle maintenance packages for added peace of mind.
  5. Motability scheme: Discover our range of Kia Picanto models available through the Motability scheme, offering affordable and convenient mobility solutions tailored for individuals with disabilities.
  6. Used car finance: Explore our attractive finance offerings for used Kia Picanto models, allowing you to enjoy exceptional value and quality in a pre-owned vehicle with manageable payment plans.
  7. Rental options: Whether for short-term needs or extended periods, explore our rental options that provide flexibility and convenience for driving a Kia Picanto based on your specific timeframe requirements.

Flexible financing options

We understand that finding the right financing option is crucial when buying a car like the Kia Picanto. Here’s a breakdown of our flexible financing options:

  1. Tailored Personal and Business Offers: Our financing options are designed to cater to both personal and business needs, ensuring that you find the best deal for your specific situation.
  2. Competitive Rates: We offer competitive interest rates and tailored finance packages, providing flexibility and affordability.
  3. Low Deposit Options: With our low deposit options, owning a Kia Picanto is more accessible than ever.
  4. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP) Plans: Choose from a range of finance plans such as PCP or HP, each with its own benefits to suit your preferences and budget.
  5. Deferred Payment Plans: We also offer deferred payment plans, giving you some breathing space before starting repayment.

Used, rental, and Motability options

Looking for flexibility in your car purchase? Consider these options for the Kia Picanto:

  1. Used Cars: Choose from a selection of pre-owned Kia Picanto models that have been thoroughly inspected and come with a warranty, offering both affordability and reliability.
  2. Rental Options: Explore short-term rental opportunities, perfect for test-driving the Kia Picanto or using it temporarily without the commitment of ownership.
  3. Motability Scheme: Benefit from the Motability program, which provides accessible and affordable solutions for disabled drivers, offering convenient adaptations and affordable leasing options.


Discover the Kia Picanto, a compact city car designed with style and practicality in mind. Experience its sporty design, advanced technology, and impressive warranty, making it an attractive choice for urban driving.

Stand out from the crowd with its sleek exterior and spacious interior equipped with modern features. Explore the versatile options available for purchase and financing to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Enjoy a unique driving experience with the Kia Picanto’s blend of style, functionality, and reliability.


1. What makes the Kia Picanto a stylish choice for car buyers?

The Kia Picanto stands out with its sleek design and compact size, making it a stylish and practical choice for city driving.

2. Can you tell me about the features of the Kia Picanto?

Sure! The Kia Picanto is packed with modern features including advanced infotainment systems, comfortable interiors, and efficient engines designed for urban adventures.

3. Is the Kia Picanto good for parking in tight spaces?

Absolutely! The compact dimensions of the Kia Picanto make it ideal for fitting into small parking spots and navigating through narrow streets with ease.

4. How does the compact size of the Kia Picanto benefit drivers?

The compact size of the Kia Picanto means easier handling, better fuel economy, and less hassle finding parking – perfect for daily commutes or city explorations.


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