Deus Automobiles: Vienna’s Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne
Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne


Ever felt a bit misled by the expansive universe of electric hypercars? Don’t worry; you’re certainly not on your own. We’ve grappled with navigating the sea of promises and genuine capabilities in this pioneering vehicular arena.

Through deep-researched scrutiny, my eyes were opened to Deus Automobiles. This fresh-faced Austrian manufacturer, birthed as recently as 2020, is spinning an exhilarating new tale with its limited-edition model – the Deus Vayanne.

Let’s delve into how this audacious blend of power and elegance sets itself apart!

Deus Automobiles is an Austrian manufacturer that has recently entered the electric hypercar market with its limited-edition model, the Deus Vayanne. The Deus Vayanne is a powerhouse of innovative design and cutting-edge technology, boasting simulated technical specifications such as 2169 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in under two seconds, and a release date set for 2025. The Deus Vayanne stands out in the EV world with its unique design that oozes elegance and style, luxurious interior features, and racetrack tech to deliver exhilarating performance.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Deus Vayanne: The Electric Hypercar

Deus Vayanne, the electric hypercar from Deus Automobiles, is a masterpiece of design and engineering that embodies the future of luxury electric vehicles.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Overview and design philosophy

Deus Vayanne is a work of art. It arrived in the car world with a design that stands out. The people at Deus Automobiles created it with a particular thought in mind. They wanted to show symmetry and infinity through its shape and lines.

Every part of this electric hypercar speaks of high performance, power, speed, and luxury eyes can see. Going green never felt so good with its thrilling aerodynamics and cutting-edge technology. You can’t deny that it holds the future of motorsport cars in its sleek frame.

Simulated technical specifications

The Deus Vayanne is nothing short of revolutionary regarding its simulated technical specifications. Encapsulating the essence of next-generation hypercars, the Vayanne throws a gauntlet to the status quo with its electrified power and breathtaking performance metrics.

ManufacturerDeus Automobiles
TypeElectric Hypercar
PowertrainTwin-motor, four-wheel-drive
Power Output2169 Horsepower
Torque1475 pound-feet
Acceleration (0 to 62 mph)Under two seconds
Front Motor550-kW
Rear MotorsTwo 550-kW
Release Date2025
Unit ProductionLimited to 99 units

The Vayanne is a powerhouse of innovative design and cutting-edge technology, representing a new pinnacle of electric hypercar performance.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Leveraging electrified motorsport technology

Deus Vayanne takes its power from racetrack tech. It uses electric motorsport technology. WAE gives it an electrified propulsion system. This means the hypercar can zoom along roads just like a race car. The aim is to be a solid electric vehicle against Lotus Evija and Rimac.

There are other cars in this market. With a driver-centric focus, Deus Vayanne will offer fun driving times for all.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

The oasis of luxury in the EV Area

Deus Vayanne stands out in the EV world. This car is like an oasis of luxury. It’s not just another electric hypercar. No, it is much more than that. This car has a unique design that oozes elegance and style.

Inside, it takes luxury to new heights for electric cars. Fancy tech features add to its high-class feel as well. With Deus Vayanne on the road, you can see the bright future for upscale electric cars.

It shows all the great things these types of cars can do.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Unique Features of the Deus Vayanne

The Deus Vayanne boasts a matchless interior design, an aerodynamic profile fit for its 2,243 horsepower, and the innovative Halo Infinity Mirror

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Matchless interior design

The Deus Vayanne has a matchless interior design. Top-notch style and luxury are evident in every detail. The principles of harmony and infinity guide the whole design. This idea comes from Vienna’s architecture, making it one-of-a-kind.

Every corner shows endless elegance mixed with timeless beauty. The seats have lavish materials, giving comfort like never before. You will see symmetry everywhere, giving a feeling of balance and peace.

A hypercar meant to be driven outside the racetrack.

The Deus Vayanne is more than a fast car. It’s not just for the race track. This hypercar has design and comfort that makes it great to drive everywhere. Its low height keeps it speedy, but you will still have a soft ride.

That might seem strange for such a small, quick car. But this sweet mix of speed and ease can make every day feel like race day.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Halo Infinity Mirror: A design innovation

The Halo Infinity Mirror is a real game-changer in the world of hypercars. Deus Automobiles brings this unique feature to life in their new car, the Deus Vayanne. It was a big hit at the 2022 New York International Auto Show. This mirror design isn’t just for looks—it helps set their cars apart from others on the market.

No other car maker has used this kind of excellent design before us. They love to push limits and do things differently here at Deus Automobiles. Their goal is to lead, not follow, in all they do; that’s why they chose to use the Halo Infinity Mirror in their cars.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Aerodynamics fit for 2,243 horsepower.

The Deus Vayanne is designed with aerodynamics that perfectly match its immense power of 2,243 horsepower. This means that the car’s shape and design help it maximize its performance on the road.

Collaborating with Williams has allowed them to create a vehicle platform to handle this incredible power output. With their focus on aerodynamic efficiency, they ensure that every bit of power generated by the Vayanne is put to good use, providing an exhilarating driving experience for those who crave high-performance electric cars.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

DEUS Active Sound: Giving electric hypercars the sound they deserve

The DEUS Vayanne takes electric hypercars to a new level with its unique sound. Thanks to the DEUS Active Sound system, you can customize the external exhaust sound of this luxury electric hypercar.

It’s all about giving drivers the desired experience – an emotionally engaging driving experience that combines cutting-edge technology and high-end automotive engineering. The DEUS Active Sound system allows you to personalize your sound experience, adding another layer of excitement to this already incredible vehicle.

With the DEUS Vayanne, you get an exquisite interior design, premium electric performance, and a customizable audio system that truly sets it apart.

Limited Production and Excitement

Limited to just 99 units, the Deus Vayanne is causing a stir in the automotive world. 

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Limited to 99 units

The Deus Vayanne is an exclusive hypercar that will be produced in a certain quantity of just 99 units. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you’ll join an elite group of car enthusiasts who appreciate rare and unique vehicles.

The Deus Vayanne becomes even more desirable and sought-after with such limited availability. So, if you want to experience the thrill of driving this exceptional hypercar, take advantage of your chance to get one when it becomes available in 2025.

Anticipation and buzz surrounding Deus Automobiles

Deus Automobiles is causing quite a stir in the automotive industry. People eagerly await what this startup company has in store for us. With their reputation for developing limited production vehicles, car enthusiasts can’t help but feel excited about Deus’ future projects.

The recent debut of the Deus Ex Machina Vayanne at an event in New York only added fuel to the fire, generating even more buzz and anticipation. And let’s remember Adrian-Filip Butuca, the founder and head of design for Deus Automobiles, whose involvement has piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Deus Automobiles has a lot of anticipation, and car lovers can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne

Pricing and availability

According to the latest updates from Deus Automobiles, the pricing details for the Deus Vayanne are yet to be released. However, with its cutting-edge design, limited production, and superior performance, the Vayanne is expected to be one of the priciest electric vehicles in the world.

Estimated PriceAround $2 million
AvailabilityStarting from 2025
Limited Production99 units

With just 99 units planned for production, it’s clear that the Vayanne will be a rare sight on the roads. The exclusivity certainly adds to the anticipation and buzz surrounding Deus Automobiles. If you’re considering making this luxury electric hypercar your own, you must brace for a premium price. Stay tuned for the official announcement on pricing and availability.

Deus Automobiles: Vienna's Answer to the Hypercar Throne


Deus Automobiles is making a bold statement in the world of luxury electric hypercars. With their limited production, Deus Vayanne is pushing the boundaries of design and performance.

Embrace the future of automotive excellence with Deus Automobiles.


What is Deus Automobiles?

Deus Automobiles is a British car manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality vehicles.

Where are Deus Automobiles cars manufactured?

Deus Automobiles cars are manufactured in the United Kingdom, specifically at their factory located in London.

Can I buy a Deus Automobiles car online?

Yes, you can purchase a Deus Automobiles car online through their official website or by contacting one of their authorized dealers.

Are there financing options available for buying a Deus Automobiles car?

Yes, Deus Automobiles offers various financing options to make it flexible for customers to purchase their cars. You can inquire about these options with their sales team or dealership partners.

What type of warranty does Deus Automobiles offer on their cars?

Deus Automobiles provides a comprehensive warranty on all new vehicles, which covers manufacturing defects and certain components for a specific period. It’s best to consult with the dealership or check the official website for detailed warranty information.

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