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Ever find yourself pondering the tale behind Faraday Future, that remarkable trailblazer in the electric vehicle arena? You’re not alone. As a fellow motor enthusiast myself, I was captivated and took it upon myself to delve into their riveting journey—what unfolded before me was truly intriguing! This blog is set to lift the bonnet on Faraday Future’s historical endeavours, manufacturing processes, recent bulletins, and prospects within the automobile industry.

Fancy joining me on this electrifying ride?

History of Faraday Future

Faraday Future was founded in 2014 as an electric vehicle startup company aiming to disrupt the automotive industry with its innovative technology development.


A futuristic electric car drives through scenic landscapes along a winding road.

In 2014, I started Faraday Future. This wasn’t just any automobile startup company; it was the beginning of a new era in electric vehicles and automotive technology. My name is Jia Yueting, and you may know me as the founder of LeTV, too.

It was no small feat to start such an ambitious venture in the automotive industry, crossing continents from China to the USA by 2017. But one thing that made a distinct impression on everyone was how we searched for top talent far and wide from Silicon Valley to Detroit! Yes, there were many whispers about our origins, finances and what type of car we planned on building but hey, doesn’t every great story love a bit of mystery?.

Factory plans

An aerial photograph of a futuristic factory surrounded by green fields.

Faraday Future has big plans for its factory. They want to create a setup that mixes top tech and automation, which will help them smoothly create high-end, custom cars. Their key project is the FF 91 electric car.

They aim to sell this car both in the U.S. and China.

Another big plan is to launch a limited-edition EV costing $180,000 within one year. Faraday had an early plan to build a huge factory on land they owned in Nevada but sold it later.

Still, they have not dropped their dream of building space; by 2025, they hope to have set up shop in China.

Concept vehicle and other planned vehicles

A futuristic city scene featuring a sleek Faraday Future concept car.

I’ve always been keen on Faraday Future’s vision for electric cars. They brought in the FFZERO1 concept car which was a sight to behold.

  • The firm showed off the FFZERO1 at a big event.
  • This car is not your usual motor ride. It was designed to show people how good their tech can be.
  • It is not just your run-of-the-mill electric vehicle; it paves the way for future rides by Faraday Future.
  • But things have not gone as well as planned. The making of the FF 91 electric SUV has stalled.
  • Even with these stops, Faraday Future kept going and began to ship their FF91.
  • One thing that stood out about this vehicle is its high price. You would need $309,000 to get one first-edition model!
  • Despite some bumps in the road, Faraday Future has earned the industry’s attention for its bold approach to electric vehicle technology.

Financial struggles

An image depicting financial struggles with a broken piggy bank and unpaid bills.Money troubles hit Faraday Future hard. The company’s growth hit a big snag. Chinese investor funds stopped coming in, leaving the firm short of cash. Top people at the company started to leave.

These financial struggles made many worry about Faraday’s future. At the heart of these problems sat Jia, the founder himself! His ways were not helping with money issues at all.

So, this makes things tough for Faraday Future and those who love its cars!

Becoming publicly-traded

A busy stock exchange floor with traders and digital screens.

I want to share some fantastic news with you. Faraday Future, a name we know, went public on 22 July 2021. They listed their shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Now, isn’t that big? To do so, they used something called a special purchase acquisition company (SPAC) deal.

They first considered this in October 2020 and finally did it! The best part is that they got $1 billion in fresh cash when they started trading on the Nasdaq after the SPAC deal. But there was also some hard time for them.

On 15 August 2023, their stock prices fell very fast. Markets can be tough sometimes!

SEC subpoena

A stack of official documents surrounded by legal books and a gavel.

Faraday Future found itself in a tight spot. The SEC sent letters to the firm’s top bosses—not just any letters, but subpoenas.

They form part of an SEC probe into the company. Faraday Future has its work cut out; it has to put together and send in Form 10-Q and Form 10-K reports on time.

It seemed trouble when some staff gave wrong facts to people who wanted to put money into Faraday Future. A look inside the firm made this clear, leading us here.

Production and Leadership

A futuristic electric car being produced in a high-tech facility.

Production at Faraday Future has been a critical focus as the company works toward delivering its innovative electric vehicles to consumers worldwide. The leadership team is committed to pushing boundaries in technology development and providing sustainable transportation options for the future.


Faraday Future makes cars in a big plant in California. They have almost 600 people working for them across the US and China. Their first car, FF 91, is now ready! The work on this car will start at the end of March.

But it hasn’t been an easy road to get here. There were delays and drama along the way. Yet, they didn’t give up and are on track with their plans.


An atmospheric seascape featuring an illuminated lighthouse amidst stormy waves.

At Faraday Future, we have a strong team of leaders driving the company forward. Prashant Gulati is our Vice President of Strategy, guiding our overall direction.

Matthias Aydt is the Global Senior Vice President of Product Execution and is crucial in bringing our vehicles to life. Xiaoyang Ning leads Business Development, ensuring we forge valuable partnerships and opportunities.

Gao, one of our battery development experts, works diligently to advance our technology. Dr Wang focuses on user safety and comfort, prioritizing the well-being of those who use our vehicles.

Models (FF ZERO 1, FF 91, FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance, FF 81, 701-EV)

The FF 91 2 0 Futurist Alliance speeding through a futuristic cityscape.

Over the years, Faraday Future has developed a unique portfolio of electric vehicles, each marked by its distinctive features and capabilities. Here’s a quick look at these models:

ModelKey FeaturesPrice
FF ZERO 1This model is a high-performance electric vehicle that demonstrates Faraday Future’s commitment to innovation. It boasts advanced aerodynamics and a futuristic design.Not available
FF 91This model is another upcoming vehicle from Faraday Future. Given the company’s track record, the 701-EV will likely be another innovation-packed EV.Not available
FF 91 2.0 Futurist AllianceThe FF 81 is an upcoming model from Faraday Future. Though details are still under wraps, it’s expected to maintain the brand’s high performance and unique design standard.$309,000
FF 81The FF 81 is an upcoming model from Faraday Future. Though details are still under wraps, it’s expected to maintain the brand’s high performance and unique design standard.Not available
701-EVThis model is another upcoming vehicle from Faraday Future. Given the company’s track record, the 701-EV is likely to be another innovation-packed EV.Not available

The different models in Faraday Future’s lineup surely cater to the vast array of preferences and requirements of car lovers like you and me. From high-performance electric vehicles to innovative AI-powered cars, Faraday Future is paving the way for the future of electric vehicles.

Motorsport involvement (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Formula E)

A sleek electric vehicle speeds down a racetrack at Pikes Peak.

I am excited to tell you about Faraday Future’s involvement in motorsport competitions. They have participated in two significant events: the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and Formula E.

Recent News and Activity

A row of electric vehicles lined up in a car production factory.

Faraday Future has recently experienced delivery delays and provided production updates to its customers, highlighting the challenges it is facing in meeting demand for its electric vehicles.

Financial updates

A futuristic electric car on a modern city street at night.

In July 2023, Faraday Future’s interim finance chief resigned, surprising many in the industry. The company also announced plans to restate its 2022 and the quarter financial statements.

This means that changes or corrections may have been made to their previously reported financial figures. In addition, Faraday Future recently disclosed its financial results for the fiscal fourth quarter and full year of 2022.

These results included information about their net loss and any operating assets and liabilities changes during that period. It’s essential to stay updated on these financial updates as they can provide insight into the company’s performance and prospects.

About Faraday Future and Future Prospects

A futuristic electric car is pictured against a vibrant city backdrop.

Faraday Future is a technology company that focuses on developing electric vehicles. We were founded in 2014 and have been working hard to create innovative cars for the future.

Our goal is to revolutionize the automotive industry with our advanced technology and sustainable solutions.

Recently, we secured up to $105 million in additional funding, which will help us continue our mission of creating cutting-edge electric vehicles. This shows that investors believe in our vision and are confident in our ability to succeed.

We have an Investor Relations website where stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts can find information about our company. We value transparency and strive to maintain good relationships with all stakeholders.

Despite facing challenges, such as suspicious activities to undermine our progress, we remain committed to long-term success. We believe that by continuously innovating and pushing boundaries, we can significantly impact the future of transportation.

At Faraday Future, we pride ourselves on our technological innovations. Our proprietary Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), propulsion system, and Internet capabilities set us apart from other car manufacturers.

These technologies enable us to create unique and high-performance electric vehicles that meet the demands of today’s consumers.

In conclusion, Faraday Future is dedicated to transforming the automotive industry by focusing on electric vehicle development. With ongoing funding support and commitment to innovation, we are confident in our prospects as pioneers in sustainable transportation solutions.


A futuristic electric vehicle shines under vibrant city lights.

In conclusion, Faraday Future is a California-based company that aims to disrupt the automotive industry, focusing on AI technology and luxury electric vehicles. Despite facing financial challenges, they continue to drive innovation in the market.

The highly anticipated FF91 has not been released as of September 2022, but Faraday Future remains an active company in pursuing sustainable transportation.


1. What is Faraday’s Future?

Faraday Future is an electric vehicle manufacturer that focuses on producing innovative and sustainable cars powered by electric motors.

2. Where are Faraday Future vehicles manufactured?

Faraday Future vehicles are manufactured in various locations, including their main production facility in California, United States.

3. Are Faraday Future cars available for purchase?

Yes, Faraday Future cars are available for purchase. They can be ordered online or through authorized dealerships.

4. What makes Faraday Future different from other electric car manufacturers?

Faraday Future stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and design to create advanced electric vehicles with cutting-edge features and performance.

5. Are there any incentives or benefits for owning the car?

Depending on your location, owning a Faraday Future car may qualify you for various incentives, such as government subsidies, tax credits, and access to certain charging networks.

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