Mercedes confirms launch all-electric EQA 2020

Mercedes Car
Mercedes Car


Following the launch of Mercedes-Benz first all-electric EQC SUV 2019

the company is now planning the release of entry level EQA this year after a €500 million (around £438m) investment at its plants in Hambach, France.

The EQA will be available for sale late this year and is set to offer a range of up to 249 miles and will enter the market as direct competition to Volvo and BMW’s i3 series, which is currently priced at £34,075. This new model will be a part of a 10-car model range, which will be displayed in showrooms by 2022. SUV sales are rising faster than any other types of vehicle in Europe. As society is becoming more eco-conscious, Mercedes has entered this market at the right time. 

Global warming, air pollution and a lack of natural resources are all contributing factors to the argument to reduce fossil fuel usage around the world. Car pollution is another major cause of global warming. The EQA will reportedly boast 362 hp (270kW/ 367 PS), as well as a hybridised twin-turbo 4.0 litre engine. As well as these new features, we can also expect to see plug-in hybrid variants and an 800V electrical system. We love the video campaign Mercedes have launched in Sicily – check it out below!

The EQA concept presented by Daimler back in 2017 is now officially confirmed by Mercedes-Benz to be launched in the third or fourth quarter of the year. The total power output at that time was 272 hp, whilst the torque stopped an astonishing 500 Nm – particularly impressive for an all-electric sports utility vehicle. Using state of the art technology, Mercedes have now produced a 60 kWh battery pack that ensures a range of up to 249 miles.  With regards to plug-in hybrid SUV’s in today’s market, the EQA is set to dominate its competitors. This does come at a price, as the new compact EQA SUV, based on the GLA, is believed to cost around £34,000 in order to to directly compete against BMW’s i3. The EQA will be part of Mercedes‘ 10-car electric vehicle (EV) line-up to appear in showrooms by 2022. 

Mercedes combats global warming

Mercedes is investing resources to increase the productivity of its global plant network, with Hambach becoming specialised in EVs. This will help to increase the production of eco-friendly EVs without affecting the supply of petrol and diesel products. The EQA will launch with a new electric vehicle platform designed by Mercedes for use in all upcoming models. The platform has been designed to allow the new model to be built alongside Mercedes’ conventional compact car models in the same factories that produce the A-Class, B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and GLA.

The durable platform of the EQA is designed to support either front, rear or four-wheel drives. The futuristic front-end acts as a virtual radiator grille. It is programmed to alter the appearance of the car depending on the chosen driving mode selected. In the Sport model, it presents what Mercedes describes as a “flaming horizontal wing”, with a blue hue protruding out from an oversized three-pointed star emblem. Meanwhile, in the Sport Plus model, the black panel changes its look to compliment the Pan-American grille of AMG models, completed with vertical louvres.  

A black panel is included at the rear of the SUV that extends to the depth of the rear window and houses the new EQA’s full-width OLED taillights. Vibrant blue LED lights placed at the outer and lower sections of the front and rear bumpers alongside the side grilles adds to the high-tech, sophisticated appearance of the car. 

Mercedes have invested in US charging station provider, ChargePoint, which will benefit its plans to introduce the 10 car EV line up by offering more available charging stations. During the unveiling of the Concept EQA, Mercedes revealed plans to expand ChargePoint to Europe in an effort to grow existing charging infrastructure. 

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