SsangYong Motors: Largest Car Manufacturer in South Korea

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If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and stylish SUV, you might want to consider SsangYong Motors. SsangYong is the fourth largest car manufacturer in South Korea, specialising in SUVs, pickup trucks, and luxury cars. SsangYong has a long and rich history of innovation and excellence, dating back to its foundation in 1954. SsangYong has also expanded its presence in the global market, with more than 1,600 dealerships in over 100 countries. In this blog, we will explore the history, products, and achievements of SsangYong Motors and why it is one of the best choices for SUV lovers.

Key Takeaways

  • SsangYong is a well-established South Korean car manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1954.
  • The company offers various vehicles, including the famous Tivoli, Korando, Rexton, and Musso models.
  • SsangYong has received awards and recognition for its vehicles’ quality and performance in the automotive industry.
  • Currently owned by KG Mobility Corporation, SsangYong aims to continue providing reliable and stylish cars to customers.

History of SsangYong

A vintage SsangYong car parked in front of a historical building.

SsangYong has a rich history that dates back to 1954 when it was known as Dong-A Motor, and over the years, it has evolved into one of South Korea’s leading automotive brands.

Dong-A Motor (1954-1987)

A photo of Vintage Dong-A Motors trucks lined up in a manufacturing plant.

Dong-A Motor started in 1954 as Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Workshop. At first, it made trucks. Later, they built jeeps for the U.S. Army. SsangYong Group saw its worth and bought it. The buyout was part of SsangYong’s plan to grow bigger in the car industry.

Keohwa (1981-1984)

A vintage car in a deserted urban landscape captured in vivid detail.

Keohwa had an important part in the history of SsangYong. It was a maker of cars. In 1983, they started to name their Jeeps as “Korando”. A year later, something big happened. Dong-A Motor took over Keohwa.

The name Korando was not lost, though. After SsangYong took control of Geohwa Co in 1984, it chose to keep this name. This marks a key point in the story of how SsangYong came to be what we know today! They became well-known under this new name before changing again when they were set up as SsangYong Motor Company four years later in 1988.

SsangYong Motors (1986-present)

A sleek SsangYong vehicle drives through a scenic mountain road.

In 1986, SsangYong Motors came to life. Before this, it was known as Dong-A Motor and Shinjin Motor. The company makes trucks, buses, and other special vehicles. Things changed when Mahindra took charge of the company but then let go of their control.

In 2022, the KG Group bought SsangYong Motors. Now part of a new group, it continues in the car industry with power and grace.

KG Mobility (2023-present)

A futuristic electric car drives on a clean and eco-friendly city street.KG Mobility is the new name for SsangYong Motor since 2023. KG Group took over in 2022 after Mahindra, an Indian carmaker, let go of its big share in SsangYong. I was pretty excited to see the last SUV from SsangYong Motor before this change – it’s called the Torres.

Now, KG Mobility has set high goals. They want to make more clean cars and triple their yearly sales to hit 320,000! This is a fresh start for them; they haven’t changed their name in 35 years.

SsangYong’s Range of Vehicles

Aerial photo of SsangYong vehicles on rugged mountain road.

SsangYong offers a diverse range of vehicles, including the versatile Tivoli, the stylish Korando, and the rugged Rexton. Find out more about their incredible lineup by reading on!


A Tivoli parked on a scenic mountain road with stunning landscapes.

The Tivoli is a gem in SsangYong’s range of vehicles. It’s their top seller, and for good reasons, too. This model was the first one they pushed out after Mahindra took over. The Tivoli offers power with its new 1.6L engine made by SsangYong.

Its compact size doesn’t mean it lacks in style or comfort, as it is a sleek crossover SUV.

There are rumours that the US market might see the Tivoli soon! If this happens, more car lovers will get to enjoy what this model brings to the road. From its engine power to its stylish look, the Tivoli stands out as a strong player in SsangYong’s vehicle range.


A scenic mountain road with The Korando parked surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

The Korando is a joy to drive. It was first known as the Daewoo in 2001 and has come a long way since then. Being a midsize SUV, it can seat five people comfortably. In its early days, back in 1988, the Korando model was merely a station wagon.

Over time, SsangYong remodelled this car into an SUV and even made sure to add petrol power to its line-up recently. The latest version of this car had its big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, where fans got their first look at its new features and style! So, if you’re looking for something rugged yet comfy for your family trips or solo adventures, the Korando should be on your radar!


The Rexton SUV parked on a rugged mountain road in breathtaking landscape.

SsangYong’s Rexton is a top-notch SUV. It first came out in 2001 in Korea. The Rexton was the first to use SsangYong’s Quad Frame. Its 2.7 Xdi engine links it with Mercedes, adding to its charm as a luxury car.

With four-wheel drive, this SUV shows power and performance off-road, too. Apart from being spacious, the Rexton scores high on comfort and reliability as well. It stands tall among SsangYong’s range of vehicles due to its diesel engine and is suitable for those who crave power and luxury.


A sleek Musso SUV drives through a scenic mountain road.

The Musso SUV was the first vehicle SsangYong launched in the UK market. It had a 5-door design and used Mercedes technology for its drivetrain. The first generation of the Musso was produced from 1993 onwards, but we don’t know exactly when it ended.

Before the launch of the Musso, SsangYong had limited recognition in Korea and virtually no recognition outside of Korea. One interesting fact about the Musso is that it’s associated with a British professor’s rhino.

Korando e-Motion

SsangYong Motors: Largest Car Manufacturer in South Korea

The SsangYong Korando e-Motion is an electric vehicle that I’m excited to tell you about. It’s a great option for those who want a car that is more eco-friendly. One cool feature of the Korando e-Motion is that it comes with a wireless phone charger, so you don’t have to worry about messy cables.

Another impressive thing about this electric vehicle is its range, which can go up to 211 miles on a full charge. That means you can travel quite far without needing to recharge. And if you’re worried about performance, don’t be! The Korando e-Motion has instant torque, which allows for quick acceleration from a standstill.

So, if you’re someone who values style and sustainability, the SsangYong Korando e-Motion might be the perfect choice for your next car.

That’s not all, though – SsangYong has big plans when it comes to electric vehicles. They’re looking to introduce a four-strong range of electric models in the UK market including crossovers, off-roaders, and pickup trucks.

SsangYong’s Corporate Information

A photo of SsangYong's manufacturing plant with a wide range of vehicles.

SsangYong is currently owned by Mahindra & Mahindra, a South Korean automotive brand. The company operates multiple facilities and has a diverse lineup of current and former models.

Read on to discover more about SsangYong’s corporate information.


An assortment of old objects including a key, photos, and documents.

SsangYong has had three different owners in less than 30 years. It was first acquired by Daewoo Motors, then by SAIC Motor, and later by Mahindra & Mahindra. But now, SsangYong has a new owner – the KG Group.

The KG Group believes that SsangYong needs a fresh start. As the new owner, they are committed to revitalising the brand and making it successful again. They see potential in SsangYong and want to help it grow in the automotive industry.

With this change in ownership, we can expect exciting developments from SsangYong in the future!


A modern factory floor with advanced machinery and equipment.

SsangYong has a well-established presence in the automotive industry, and its facilities play a key role in its success. With over 5,000 dedicated employees, SsangYong’s workforce is committed to producing high-quality vehicles.

The company’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources necessary for efficient manufacturing processes. SsangYong Cement Industrial Co. Ltd also holds a listing on the Seoul Stock Exchange, indicating its significance in the stock market.

These facilities provide ample support for SsangYong to continue innovating and delivering exceptional cars that car lovers can enjoy on the road.

Current and Former Model Lineup

Aerial shot of SsangYong model lineup at automotive exhibition.

SsangYong has a range of vehicles that includes the Tivoli, Korando, Rexton, Musso, and Korando e-Motion.

  • Tivoli: This compact SUV is perfect for city driving with its stylish design and fuel-efficient engine.
  • Korando: The Korando offers a spacious interior and advanced safety features, making it great for both families and adventure seekers.
  • Rexton: If you need a powerful SUV with off-road capabilities, the Rexton is the perfect choice. It combines luxury with ruggedness to tackle any terrain.
  • Musso: The Musso is a pickup truck that offers both practicality and comfort. It’s perfect for hauling heavy loads or going on outdoor adventures.
  • Korando e-Motion: SsangYong is also investing in electric vehicles with the upcoming release of the Korando e-Motion. This eco-friendly SUV will provide a sustainable transportation option.

SsangYong’s Impact and Reviews

A SsangYong car surrounded by awards and customer reviews.

SsangYong has received numerous awards and recognition for its vehicles, highlighting their quality and performance. Customers have also praised SsangYong’s cars for their durability and reliability on the road.

Awards and Recognition

SsangYong has received numerous awards and recognition in the automotive industry. Here are some noteworthy achievements:

  • Rexton and Musso were awarded the ‘Best Value’ Award in the UK’s 4×4 of the Year awards.
  • Bassetts SsangYong was honoured with the SsangYong Customer Experience Award, demonstrating their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.
  • Industry experts and car enthusiasts highly recommend SsangYong vehicles for their impressive features and capabilities.
  • They have been recognised for outstanding performance, reliability, and durability, making them a top choice among car lovers.
  • SsangYong has consistently delivered high customer satisfaction, earning positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I’ve read a lot of customer reviews and testimonials about SsangYong vehicles, and overall, they seem to have made quite an impact. Many customers appreciate the affordable price point of SsangYong cars without compromising on quality.

The SsangYong Rexton Ultimate, for example, is praised as a capable family four-wheel drive that doesn’t break the bank. In terms of long-term performance, there are positive reports about the durability of SsangYong vehicles like the Rexton 2.2 Ultimate.

And when it comes to customer service, SsangYong has received excellent feedback for its commitment to resolving any issues reported by customers. It’s great to see that people are satisfied with their purchases and have had good experiences with the brand.


A sleek SsangYong SUV drives on a scenic mountain road.

SsangYong is a well-known South Korean car manufacturer with a rich history of producing versatile vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, and station wagons. Despite facing challenges in recent years, SsangYong continues to be recognised for its quality and innovation in the automotive industry.

As part of KG Mobility Corporation, SsangYong aims to build on its legacy and provide car lovers with reliable and stylish vehicles for years to come.

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