Introducing the Mercedes-Benz User Experience

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz User Experience
Introducing the Mercedes-Benz User Experience


Mercedes-Benz User Experience: A True Assistant

The past decade has seen the advent of voice assistant technology. Indeed, systems from industry leaders, including Google, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have gone on to dominate the market, with voice assistant technology seeing continued application across a range of technologies. However, leading vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz have launched their own voice assistant technology with the introduction of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) into new vehicles.

MBUX saw its world premiere at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018, and came as the debut of intuitive, intelligent multimedia systems in cars. Moreover, the launch of MBUX also came as the first technology of its kind to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into an automobile.

The introduction of the intuitive infotainment system represents a new focus of Mercedes Benz upon user experience (UX). A truly unique feature, MBUX carries with it the capacity to learn from its users, individualising, customising and adapting its settings and profiles to the requirements of the driver. The creators of the system insist that this will, for the first time, create an emotional connection between the vehicle and its drivers and passengers.

But what does this revolutionary technology involve? The latest Mercedes cars can be activated with the keyword “Hey Mercedes”, as well as a comprehensive touch operation concept. This concept entails a brilliant combination of touchscreen monitors, touchpads on the vehicle’s centre console and touch-control buttons integrated into the steering wheel. Whilst adding to the immersive experience of driving the new models, MBUX also promises to tackle the serious problem of driver distraction, which continues to take more lives year-on-year.

The MBUX operating system is comprised of three levels, each with differing informational density. The first level is contained in the Homescreen, with the main applications (maps, music, phone contacts) and key information (song being played, arrival time, distance from destination) displayed in real time.

The next level is known as the Basecreen, which contains the most important information and control options (screens for seldom-used information are contained in the next level, referred to as Submenu).

The intuitive system doesn’t end with basic personalisation, however. MBUX comes equipped with a range of useful safety features, including Traffic Sign Assist and Parking Assist.

Our favourite feature from the new MBUX system? That is undoubtedly the ability to change the car’s ambient lighting colour with a simple voice command. Try it!

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