The Ultimate Guide to the Jaguar E-PACE: Performance, Pricing, and Specifications


Navigating the bustling market of compact SUVs in search of your ideal motor can often feel like a bit of a quest amidst a sea of endless choices. We understand the drill all too well – poring over specifications and perusing countless critiques to unearth that quintessential fusion of flair and vigour.

Fortunately, our meticulous guide to the Jaguar E-PACE, boasting an impressive 38.5-mile electric range, will see you right. Our rundown will cover everything from horsepower to how much it’ll set you back.

So sit back, read, and find out why the E-PACE might be the vehicle that adds excitement to your motoring exploits!


The Jaguar E-PACE offers a range of power options, including gasoline, diesel, and hybrid models. Its handling and agility make it a standout choice in the small SUV category.

Overview of the Jaguar E-PACE

We dive into the heart of luxury performance with the Jaguar E-PACE, a compact SUV that combines elegance and athleticism. It stands out as Jaguar’s first foray into the small SUV market, delivering a driver-focused cockpit designed to invigorate every journey with dynamic driving capabilities.

This vehicle does more than just turn heads – it promises an electric (EV) range of 38.5 miles and impressively low CO2 emissions at only 32 g/km, striking a balance between efficiency and performance.

Our experience tells us that running costs are crucial for car enthusiasts like us; here, the E-PACE scores well, with its fuel consumption figure standing at 198.4 mpg on the combined cycle (1.4 litres/100km).

Cargo is no concern, boasting a loadspace capacity of 601 litres to handle all your gear without breaking a sweat. With models including options such as the R-DYNAMIC S starting from £43,185, there’s an E-PACE variant ready to satisfy our discerning tastes in vehicle models while keeping agility at its core.

Power options: gasoline, diesel, hybrid

The Jaguar E-PACE offers versatile power options to suit different driving preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the efficiency of a hybrid or the traditional gasoline or diesel power, the E-PACE has got you covered. Here’s an overview of the power options available for the Jaguar E-PACE:

  1. Gasoline: The Jaguar E-PACE has petrol engine options that deliver responsive performance and smooth acceleration, catering to those who appreciate a classic driving experience.
  2. Diesel: For those seeking fuel efficiency and torque, the diesel powertrain options provide ample pulling power and impressive mileage, which is ideal for longer journeys and heavy loads.
  3. Hybrid: With its plug-in electric hybrid model, the Jaguar E-PACE combines electric driving capabilities with the flexibility of a traditional combustion engine, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising on performance.

Handling and agility

The Jaguar E-PACE offers agile handling and precise steering, making driving through twists and turns a joy. With its low centre of gravity and responsive chassis, the E-PACE delivers a thrilling driving experience, whether navigating city streets or tackling winding country roads.

Its dynamic driving dynamics make for confident cornering and agile manoeuvrability, providing a sense of control and fun behind the wheel.

Equipped with all-wheel-drive technology, the E-PACE ensures excellent grip on various road surfaces, enhancing stability in different driving conditions. Its compact size and agile nature allow for effortless parking and seamless urban navigation.


Explore the Jaguar E-PACE’s models and trim levels, along with lease deals and tax price ranges, to find the best option for your budget.

– Check out our in-depth analysis of pricing options for the Jaguar E-PACE to make an informed decision before purchasing.

Various models and trim levels

Choosing the suitable model and trim level for your Jaguar E-PACE is crucial, as it reflects your taste and driving needs. Here’s a comprehensive overview of this dynamic compact SUV’s different models and trim levels.

ModelTrim LevelsStarting PriceKey Features
Jaguar E-PACEStandardApprox £34,000LED headlights, Heated front seats, 10-inch touchscreen, Rear Camera
Jaguar E-PACE SS£36,000+Grained leather seats, Park Pack, InControl Apps
Jaguar E-PACE SESE£38,000+Powered Tailgate, 14-way electric memory front seats, Meridian™ Sound System
Jaguar E-PACE HSEHSE£40,000+Keyless Entry, 18-way electric memory front seats, Interactive Driver Display
Jaguar E-PACE R-Dynamic SR-Dynamic SFrom £43,185Sport seats, R-Dynamic body kit, Metal treadplates with R-Dynamic branding
Jaguar E-PACE R-Dynamic SER-Dynamic SE£45,000+Auto-dimming, power fold, heated door mirrors with memory and approach lights, 19″ alloy wheels
Jaguar E-PACE R-Dynamic HSER-Dynamic HSE£47,000+20″ alloy wheels, Windsor leather sport seats with memory, Powered gesture tailgate
Jaguar E-PACE PHEVPlug-in Hybrid£45,000+EV range of 38.5 miles, 32 g/km CO2 emissions, Driver-focused cockpit

We’ve tailored these options to satisfy every enthusiast’s desire for luxury, performance, and sustainability. Each model is meticulously crafted, combining refinement and sportiness, providing a unique driving experience. With various features across the range, there’s an E-PACE to suit every preference.

Lease deals

Jaguar E-PACE offers competitive lease deals, making it an attractive option for those seeking a flexible ownership experience. With various models and trim levels, car enthusiasts can find a lease deal that suits their budget and preferences. The Jaguar E-PACE’s combination of looks and agility makes it an appealing choice with the added benefit of customisable lease options.

For those considering the Jaguar E-PACE as their next vehicle, exploring the range of lease deals available is essential to finding the perfect fit. This SUV’s diverse features and driving performance make it a standout in its class, providing an exciting leasing opportunity for car lovers.

Next up: Tax price range

Tax price range

The tax price range for the Jaguar E-PACE varies based on model and options, starting from £43,185 for the R-DYNAMIC S model. With low CO2 emissions of 32 g/km and an electric (EV) range of 38.5 miles (62 km), the E-PACE offers economical tax benefits while delivering a dynamic driving experience.

For British car enthusiasts considering taxes in their purchase decision, the Jaguar E-PACE presents an attractive option with its competitive pricing and eco-friendly credentials.


The Jaguar E-PACE boasts impressive top speed, fuel consumption, and ample seating and cargo capacity. To dive deeper into the specifications of this powerful SUV, keep reading our ultimate guide.

Top speed

The Jaguar E-PACE achieves an impressive top speed of 143 mph, making it one of the swiftest SUVs in its class. Various powerful engine options drive this exceptional performance, including gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid.

The dynamic driving experience is further complemented by precise handling and agility, ensuring a thrilling ride for enthusiasts seeking speed and control.

The E-PACE’s aerodynamic design also contributes to its remarkable top speed while maintaining fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. With this power and environmental responsibility combination, the Jaguar E-PACE offers a well-rounded performance package that appeals to discerning drivers looking for excitement without compromising sustainability or practicality.

Fuel consumption

The Jaguar E-PACE boasts a fuel consumption rate of 198.4 (1.4), making it an efficient choice for drivers seeking both performance and economy. The combination of gasoline, diesel, and plug-in electric hybrid power options provides versatility while maintaining impressive mileage numbers.

With a low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km, the E-PACE offers an environmentally friendly driving experience without compromising power and agility. Additionally, the 38.5 miles (62 km) electric range further enhances its efficiency, making it a competitive option.

The E-PACE’s exceptional fuel efficiency complements its dynamic driving experience and driver-focused cockpit design, offering car enthusiasts an appealing compact SUV with outstanding performance capabilities.

Seating and cargo capacity

The Jaguar E-PACE boasts a spacious interior with room for five passengers, providing a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. With ample legroom and headspace, the E-PACE ensures that drivers and passengers can enjoy long journeys without feeling cramped.

The rear seats are versatile, offering a 60:40 split-folding configuration to accommodate additional cargo while ensuring passenger comfort.

Regarding cargo capacity, the E-PACE offers a generous 601 litres of loadspace, allowing for easy transportation of luggage, sports equipment, or other items. The practical design includes thoughtful storage solutions to keep belongings secure during travel.

The Jaguar E-PACE’s seating and cargo capacity make it an ideal choice for those who value comfort and utility in a compact SUV.

Jaguar E-PACE Reviews:

Jaguar E-PACE
Jaguar E-PACE

Auto Trader has given the Jaguar E-PACE a stellar review, praising its performance and features. Additionally, we’ll answer joint owner questions and discuss the latest updates for the 2021 model year.

Auto Trader\’s review

Auto Trader provides an in-depth review of the Jaguar E-PACE, assessing its practicality and driving performance. They highlight the E-PACE’s combination of looks and agility, making it a competitive option.

The review applauds the E-PACE’s driver-focused cockpit, which offers a dynamic driving experience. Additionally, Auto Trader’s review delves into the customisation options available with different models and features of the E-PACE.

Furthermore, Auto Trader discusses specific aspects such as fuel consumption (198.4 mpg), loadspace capacity (601 litres), top speed, and CO2 emissions rate (32 g/km). This comprehensive breakdown allows potential buyers to gauge how well this compact SUV meets their needs and expectations.

Owner\’s questions answered

We’ll answer your questions about the Jaguar E-PACE, providing insights that cater to your love for detail and facts.

  1. EV Range: The E-PACE offers an impressive electric range of 38.5 miles (62 km), perfect for urban commutes or short trips.
  2. Low CO2 Emissions: With a low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km, you can enjoy eco-friendly driving without compromising performance.
  3. Fuel Efficiency: Achieving a fuel consumption of 198.4 (1.4), the E-PACE combines power with efficiency for a rewarding driving experience.
  4. Spaciousness: Boasting a generous loadspace capacity of 601, the E-PACE provides ample room for passengers and cargo.
  5. Model Starting Price: The E-PACE R-DYNAMIC S model starts at £43,185, offering premium features and dynamic performance.

Updates for the 2021 model year

The 2021 model year of the Jaguar E-PACE introduces enhanced features and options, catering to car enthusiasts’ varied preferences. The new model boasts an improved electric (EV) range of 38.5 miles (62 km), reducing environmental impact with its low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km.

Additionally, the updated E-PACE offers a driver-focused cockpit, providing a dynamic driving experience that has become synonymous with the brand.

With the latest model year, Jaguar has maintained its commitment to innovation and performance by ensuring that each aspect of the E-PACE aligns with evolving industry standards and customer expectations.

Benefits and Features:

Jaguar E-PACE
Jaguar E-PACE

– The Jaguar E-PACE offers a unique feel and performance as a compact Performance SUV, featuring the convenience of a plug-in electric hybrid option. With approved used options, each model has interior features tailored to meet different preferences.

Compact Performance SUV

The Jaguar E-PACE offers the perfect combination of compact size and high performance. With its agile handling and driver-focused cockpit, this SUV delivers a thrilling driving experience without compromising practicality.

The E-PACE is Jaguar’s first compact SUV. It boasts innovative features, customisable models, and superior agility, making it a competitive option.

For car enthusiasts who value looks and performance, the E-PACE presents an exciting prospect with its electric range of 38.5 miles (62 km), low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km, and a fuel consumption rate of 198.4 (1.4).

Convenience of a plug-in electric hybrid

Transitioning from the thrill of driving a compact performance SUV, let’s delve into the convenience of a plug-in electric hybrid. The Jaguar E-PACE offers an impressive electric (EV) range of 38.5 miles (62 km), making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of an SUV.

With low CO2 emissions of 32 g/km and a fuel consumption rate of 198.4 (1.4), the plug-in electric hybrid variant provides an environmentally friendly option without compromising performance or style.

In addition to its eco-friendly credentials, the plug-in electric hybrid version also offers practical advantages such as reduced running costs and access to zero-emission zones in city centres.

Approved Used options

Discovering the perfect Jaguar E-PACE doesn’t always mean buying brand new. For those seeking value and quality, the approved used options for the E-PACE are great. With a striking combination of performance and luxury, these pre-owned SUVs offer exceptional reliability with added peace of mind.

The cost-efficient feature of an electric range of 38.5 miles (62 km) and low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km makes choosing an approved used E-PACE an eco-friendly decision without compromising on power or style.

Purchasing an approved used Jaguar E-PACE provides access to high-end features at a more accessible price point – from innovative driver assistance technology to sophisticated exterior design elements, avail all that’s unique about this model in excellent condition, adding value to every drive without breaking the bank.

The unique feel of each model

The Jaguar E-PACE offers a unique driving experience with each model, tailored to suit different preferences. From the dynamic handling of the base model to the enhanced sportiness of the R-DYNAMIC S, there is a distinct feel for every driver.

The electric hybrid option provides an eco-friendly and efficient driving sensation, while the traditional gasoline engine models deliver a robust and responsive ride. Whether the sleek design, advanced technology features, or smooth handling, each model brings its personality to cater to diverse tastes.

With its various trim levels and customisation options, drivers can find the perfect match in performance and style. The E-PACE line-up ensures that every driver can enjoy a unique driving experience that suits their needs and desires without compromising quality or innovation.

Carwow review

Carwow review: We recently tested the Jaguar E-PACE, and it did not disappoint. Its striking appearance turned heads, but the performance sets it apart. With a dynamic driving experience and sharp handling, this compact SUV performed admirably in various road conditions.

The interior design offers luxury and functionality, making every journey enjoyable. The convenience of its plug-in electric hybrid option provides an eco-friendly solution without sacrificing power or range.

The Carwow review also confirmed that the Jaguar E-PACE’s competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for those seeking a vehicle that combines style, agility, and practicality.

From its impressive EV range to its low CO2 emissions rate and fuel consumption efficiency – this compact SUV delivers on all fronts, making it a compelling choice for car enthusiasts who value performance and sustainability.

Jaguar E-PACE specifications (EV range, CO2 emissions, etc.)

Carwow’s review gave us a detailed look into the Jaguar E-PACE, and now let’s delve into its impressive specifications. The Jaguar E-PACE boasts an electric (EV) range of 38.5 miles (62 km), keeping it at the forefront of efficient SUVs with a low CO2 emissions rate of 32 g/km. The fuel consumption is equally noteworthy at 198.4 (1.4), and the loadspace capacity offers an ample 601, making it practical for various needs. Moreover, the E-PACE R-DYNAMIC S model starts from £43,185, positioning itself competitively in its class.


In conclusion, the Jaguar E-PACE stands out as the brand’s first compact SUV, offering style and agility. With various power options and customisation features, it provides an engaging driving experience for car enthusiasts.

The impressive electric range, low CO2 emissions rate, and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice. Whether considering practicality or performance, the Jaguar E-PACE offers a well-rounded package with unique models to cater to different preferences.


1. What makes the Jaguar E-PACE stand out in performance?

The Jaguar E-PACE boasts impressive performance with its plug-in electric hybrid option, offering a dynamic and efficient driving experience.

2. How much does a new Jaguar E-PACE cost?

Pricing for a new Jaguar E-PACE can vary, so it’s best to check the latest specifications and costs from an authorised dealer or on official websites for accurate information.

3. Can I get an approved used Jaguar E-PACE SUV?

Yes, you can find approved used SUV options for the Jaguar E-PACE that have been thoroughly inspected to meet the manufacturer’s high standards.

4. Where can I find details about the Jaguar E-PACE features and specs?

You can read a comprehensive Jaguar E-PACE review or look up official documents and resources which provide full details on the features and specifications of different models.

5. Is any guide available that covers every aspect of the Jaguar E-PACE model?

Absolutely! The Ultimate Guide to the Jaguar E-Pace will cover all your questions regarding performance, pricing, and specific details related to various models.


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