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Alpina 102572745


Reviewed by: Dina Essawy

Ever found yourself pondering the irresistible appeal of Alpina vehicles? Musing about what makes them such a quintessential symbol of exclusivity and glamour? We’ve all been in that boat, absolutely entranced by the impeccable craftsmanship that beautifully crafts fewer than 2,000 models per annum.

This blog aims to unravel the enigma wrapped around this luxury brand – from its charming Bavarian roots to its exceptional high-performance adaptations of BMWs, not forgetting an intriguing sly peek into its Swiss horological pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  • Alpina is a luxury car brand known for its exclusive and high-performance vehicles.
  • The current lineup of Alpina models includes SUVs like the XD3 and XD4, as well as sports cars like the B3 Bi-Turbo and B4 Bi-Turbo.
  • Alpina has a history of creating special versions of BMW models, with petrol-engine and diesel-engine options available.
  • The Alpina Roadster V8 is a limited edition convertible sports car based on the BMW Z8, with only 555 units ever produced.

History and Brand Distinctions of Alpina

A sleek Alpina car parked in front of a historic landmark.Burkard Bovensiepen started Alpina in 1962. He had a love for cars and wanted to share it with the world. His vision paid off as people quickly fell in love with his designs. Today, many know Alpina as a top brand in the German automotive industry.

Alpina’s cars stand out from others on the road. They have clear markings that show they are part of this unique brand. These cars also have new features that other BMW models don’t have, which adds to their appeal.

Current Lineup of Alpina Models

A picturesque outdoor photo of Alpina's diverse lineup of models.

The current lineup of Alpina models includes the Alpina XD3, XD4, B3 Bi-Turbo, D3 Bi-Turbo, B4 Bi-Turbo, B5 Bi-Turbo, D5 S, B6 Gran Coupé, and B7.

Alpina XD3

An exhilarating photograph of the Alpina XD3 racing through mountainous terrain.

The Alpina XD3 is a special car. It’s part of the latest lineup. As an SUV, it stands out with its sporty look and sleek shape like that of a coupe. You can feel its power on the road.

The XD3 is ready to show off what it’s got.

Under its hood is where you find more exciting stuff. A diesel engine powers this beast! This makes the XD3 one of Alpina’s new diesel cars. What else? The design got an update, too! Now, you see larger kidneys upfront, adding to its bold and sporty style.

Alpina XD4

The Alpina XD4 is parked in a mountain landscape.

The Alpina XD4 is a car you will love. It looks like an SUV but has the feel of a sports car. It shares its looks with BMW X3 and X4 SUVs, making it sleek and stylish. You will enjoy great speed from this car as well.

B3 Bi-Turbo

Close-up of Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo engine surrounded by sleek car parts.

The Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo is a real treat for car lovers! It came out in March 2013 and has been a top pick since. This beauty runs on the BMW F30 335i base but offers much more.

Under its hood, it boasts a bi-turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine that roars with power. With an impressive output of 301 kW, it certainly doesn’t lack in strength! The twin-turbo setup gives smooth low-rev performance too.

Best of all, you can buy this gem from the current lineup right now if you’ve fallen in love just hearing about it!

D3 Bi-Turbo

A photo of a speeding car on a winding mountain road.

The D3 Bi-Turbo is a shining star in the range of Alpina models. Its link to the 3-Series adds to its appeal for car lovers. The heart of this beauty is a powerful 3.0-litre, six-cylinder engine.

But there’s more! The D3 Bi-Turbo also uses mild hybrid tech with a 48-volt system inside it. This means you’ll get loads of power from low-down, and it loves to rev up, too! This bi-turbocharged powered model offers both power and efficiency.

B4 Bi-Turbo

A sleek Alpina B4 Bi-Turbo speeding through a scenic mountain road.

The B4 Bi-Turbo is a star in the Alpina fleet. Its heart is a 4.4 L V8 bi-turbo engine with huge power. It can make up to 608 PS, which equals about 600 horsepower! The torque it makes is very high, too, at 800 Nm.

This car shares many things with BMW cars, like the 3-Series and 4-Series models. But it has its own unique features that make it stand out. You can buy this great sports car for around $67,000.

With top-notch performance upgrades and premium features, owning a B4 Bi-Turbo means loving every bit of your drive each day!

B5 Bi-Turbo

A photo of a racing car on a mountain road at sunrise.

The B5 Bi-Turbo is a top model. It has a 4.4-liter V8 bi-turbo engine. This engine gives the car 608 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. You can get from 0 to 60 mph fast in this car! The B5 Bi-Turbo gives you all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering as standard things.

If you want speed, luxury, and to own a high-performance vehicle, then this is the car for you!

D5 S

A photo of a car racing down a mountain road.

The D5 S is a high-performance luxury model with exceptional handling and a powerful engine. It has a quick acceleration that will make your heart race. The sporty design combined with cutting-edge technology makes it stand out from the crowd.

With premium features and a superior driving experience, the D5 S offers top-notch performance on the road. Its 3.0-litre straight-six cylinder engine delivers on-demand power and torque-filled urgency.

Whether you choose the Saloon or Touring version, both can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just seconds, showing off their impressive speed and capabilities.

B6 Gran Coupé

A high-performance car speeds through a scenic mountain road.

The B6 Gran CoupĂ© is one of the current models in the brand’s lineup. It is a luxury car that offers both performance and style. With its four-door coupe design, it combines elegance with a high-powered engine.

The B6 Gran CoupĂ© features an all-wheel-drive system and boasts increased horsepower compared to previous models. It comes with exclusive features and a premium price tag. This updated model is part of BMW’s partnership with Alpina, ensuring top-notch quality and engineering.

Alpina B7

A photo of an Alpina B7 speeding down a winding road at sunset.

The B7 has a powerful 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 608 horsepower and 800 Newton meters of torque. This car has been impressing car enthusiasts since 2016 with its exceptional performance.

Not only does the B7 deliver impressive power, but it also offers a luxurious interior that provides a high level of comfort and refinement. With its 4.4L V8 engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, the B7 is a true powerhouse on the road.

Previous Models

A stunning black BMW Alpina parked on a scenic mountain road.

Alpina has a rich history of creating exclusive and high-performance versions of BMW cars. From petrol-engine models to diesel-engine models, the brand has always been committed to luxury and precision.

Petrol-Engine Models

An Alpina B6 Gran Coupé speeds down a scenic coastal road.

Alpina has a history of making cars with petrol engines. They have produced various models over the years. Some of the previous petrol-engine models include:

  • B3 Bi-Turbo
  • B4 Bi-Turbo
  • B5 Bi-Turbo
  • B6 Gran CoupĂ©

Diesel-Engine Models

A close-up of a diesel engine with steam rising from it.

The car brand has a range of diesel-engine models that are quite impressive. They offer different options for people who prefer diesel-powered vehicles. These models are known for their fuel efficiency and high performance. They also made advancements in diesel technology, showcasing cutting-edge straight-six engines with quad-turbocharging at the Geneva Motor Show. Alpina’s engine tuning and powertrain modifications make their diesel models stand out among others. It’s worth noting that the car brand is a well-known tuning house for BMW, specialising in modifying both gas and diesel engines.

Alpina Models Based on the 3 Series

A high-performance car speeds through a scenic mountain pass.

The Alpina models based on the BMW 3 Series have been produced by Alpina since 1975 and have become quite popular among car enthusiasts. They are known for their sleek design and advanced technology. Unfortunately, no specific details are provided about the current lineup of these models. However, it’s worth mentioning that one successful model in this series is the B3 Bi-Turbo, which combines both style and performance.

Alpina Models Based on the 5 Series

A photo of a fast car speeding down a winding road.

Alpina has a history of making special models based on the BMW 5 Series.

  • The D5 S Saloon/Touring is one of those models.
  • It is built on the BMW G30/G31 5 Series platform.
  • The D5 S Saloon/Touring has a powerful 3.0-litre straight-six bi-turbo diesel engine.
  • With this engine, it can deliver an impressive 388 PS (285 kW) of power.

Alpina Models Based on the 7 Series

The Alpina brand has created a range of models based on the BMW 7 Series. These luxury sedans offer performance enhancements, with different powertrain options available. Styling upgrades and advanced technology features are also included. The 7 Series models have gained a reputation for their high-performance capabilities and commitment to quality. The association between Alpina and the BMW 7 Series showcases their dedication to producing luxury sports vehicles. In addition to the 7 Series, Alpina offers variants of other BMW series, such as the 3, 5, 6, and 8 Series, as well as the BMW Z cars.

Alpina Models Based on the 8 Series

Alpina has created some impressive models based on the BMW 8 Series. These luxury performance vehicles offer a unique driving experience and stunning alternative styling. Here are some models based on the 8 Series that car lovers should know about:

  1. B12 5.0 Coupe: This model was part of the first generation of the 8 Series lineup. It offered high-performance tuning and a powerful engine.
  2. B12 5.7 Coupe: Another standout from the first generation, this model featured even more horsepower variations and performance differences.
  3. B8 Gran Coupe: A more recent addition, this luxury high-performance vehicle is based on the M8 Competition Gran Coupe. Car enthusiasts will appreciate its unique design and drivability.

Alpina Roadster V8

The Roadster V8 is part of the previous models of Alpina, and it’s really unique. The Roadster V8 is actually a limited-edition convertible sports car based on the BMW Z8.

It was made after production of the BMW Z8 stopped, so it’s kind of like a continuation of that model. What makes this car even more impressive is that only 555 units were ever produced, which makes it quite rare and collectable.

The Roadster V8 features an automatic transmission and is powered by the Alpina V8 engine, which is based on the M62 engine. So, if you’re lucky enough to see one of these cars on the road or own one yourself, you know you have something really special!


A photo of an Alpina car driving through stunning mountain scenery.

In conclusion, Alpina is a prestigious car manufacturer known for its exclusive and high-performance vehicles. With a rich history in the automotive and watchmaking industries, the car brand combines precision engineering with handcrafted perfection.

From their signature red triangle to their limited production numbers, Alpina cars offer a unique and thrilling driving experience for luxury car enthusiasts.

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