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If you are a fan of the Haas F1 team then you have come to the right article. Here you will find all you need to know about the Haas team this season.

Haas may not be the most prominent or top tiered teams on the grid but it is a team that has definitely made itself known in Formula One. Whether it is for its big characters, driving skills or infamous crashes everyone has heard of Haas. This season they are coming back with a new name and new design. How do you think Moneygram Haas F1 team will perform for the 2023 season.

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About HAAS F1 Team


Haas Formula 1 team made their debut in Formula One in 2016 and in the same year they made history as the first all-American led Formula One squad on the grid in over 30 years. The Haas formula one team was named after its founder Gene Haas. The Formula one teams headquarters are based in the USA, Kannapolis, North Carolina and they also have a factory in Banbury, UK. Haas really made a name for themselves in their debut year in F1 successfully putting points on the board, thanks to their driver Romain Grosjean. They finished an impressive eight place and went on to do the same the following year proving that it was not just luck that got them to the finish line. In 2018 the team saw great success coming fifth in the Driver’s Championship only three years after their debut. In the eight years that Haas has joined Formula One, there best result has been fourth place which they have achieved once. They have also achieved one pole position and two fastest laps. Haas’s main title sponsor for this year the money transfer company based in the United States of America, Moneygram.


With the introduction of a new sponsor also came a new logo for the Haas F1 team. The new logo sees Haas’ old logo the iconic capital H in red surrounded by a circle combined with new sponsors MoneyGram logo. The MoneyGram logo is a simple red dot with a white arrow inside. This logo is now joined with the Haas logo. MoneyGram is a global transfer company who have made sure their sponsorship deal with Haas is very visible with the team name even changing to the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team. Often F1 teams will have their title sponsor included in their name but Haas have gone that one step further incorporating both logos. There have been some mixed feelings about Haas’ new deign. What do you think of this new design?

Haas F1 Team Principal

Guenther Steiner

If you have followed F1 for years or if you have just watched the Netflix docu-series Drive to Survive, then you are probably well aware of who Guenther Steiner is. Steiner became quite the name for being a character on the Netflix tv show. Guenther Steiner has been the team principal of Haas F1 Team since their debut season. Steiner started his professional career in motorsport in rallying when he joined the Mazda Rally Team Europe as their mechanic in 1986. Over the years, Steiner climbed the ladder of motorsports and moved from mechanic to team manager to technical manager. In 1997, Steiner moved to Banbury, Uk to join Prodrive’s Allstar Rally Team as their team manager.  Steiner led the new team to the European Championship in just its first season with driver Krzysztof Holowczyc. This achievement got Steiner noticed and he was recruited by M-Sport in Millbrook to be their project manager for the teams Ford Focus fleet that completed in the World Rally Championship.

Steiner proved himself and great leader and organiser during his time here moving up the ranks to director of engineering after only two years on the job. Following the 2001 season, Steiner’s managerial and technical talent caught the eye of Formula One champion Niki Lauda, who recruited him to join Jaguar Racing as the team’s managing director. Shortly after in 2005, Steiner joined Red Bull Racing as the technical operations director. Steiner’s vast experience in managing people was again put to the test when he directed all the technical aspects of the Formula One team. With all this experience it is clear why Gene Haas trusted Steiner in building and leading the first American-Led Formula One team since 1986 in the role of team principal.

Haas F1 Drivers

In the short time that Haas has been in Formula One the team have had a total of seven different drivers on the grid throughout the seasons. These have been Romain Grosjean, Esteban Gutierrez, Mick Schumacher, son of the great F1 driver Michael Schumacher Nikita Mazepin and this seasons driving duo are Kevin Magnussen, a long time driver for the team and Nico Hulkenberg. It will be exciting to see how this partner pairing can perform for Haas inn 2023.

Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen has drove for Haas for six seasons

Like many of the drivers on the grid Kevin Magnussen is a second-generation F1 driver after his father Jan, former four times Le Mans champion. In 2010, Kevin Magnussen joined the McLaren Young Driver Programme and made his racing debut for McLaren Racing in 2014, finishing in second place in his first race with the F1 team. At the 2014 Australian Grand Prix, Magnussen became the first Dane to claim a podium in F1. After his stint with McLaren, Magnussen made the change over to Renault for one season before making the move to Haas F1 Team. He raced with the team for four years from 2016 until 2020 with his best finish being in 2018 when he finished 9th in the Championship.

That same year he also achieved his best race finish with 5th place twice in the championship in Bahrain and Austria. In 2021 Magnussen and driving partner Grosjean were replaced by Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazipan. Magnussen spent 2021in the United States when he signed with Cadillac Racing and Chip Ganassi. He also partook in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with his father Jan Magnussen. In 2022, Magnussen made a surprise comeback to the F1 grid when he re-joined Haas and secured his first-ever pole position at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Denmark native uses the number 20 when he drives.

Magnussen Statistics

Highest Race Finish2 (x1)
Highest Grid Position4
Magnussen has achieved second place once while driving for Haas

Nico Hulkenberg

nico hulkenberg

Nico ‘Hulk’ Hulkenburg has had quite Formula 1 career driving for numerous teams such  as  Williams, Force India, Sauber, Renault, Racing Point, Aston Martin and now Haas. Hulkenburg made his F1 debut in 2010. In his rookie season, Hulkenberg impressed with pole position in Brazil. Since then he has had quite the reputation for being a great points scoring making him a highly valued team player. In 2015, he won the classic Le Mans 24 Hours race driving for Porsche for the first time.

Hulkenberg is known as a very calm and collected driver who doesn’t get very excited he is extremely down to Earth with quick wit, always making light of a situation. Even when he was given the record for the most Formula One career starts without a podium finish. The German driver was dropped by Renault in 2019 and it looked like the “Hulk” may be off the grid, however it was not to be the end as he got a seat with BWT Racing Point and Aston Martin before making the move to Haas in 2023.

The German driver uses the number 27 when he drives on the grid.

Hulkenberg Statistics

Highest Race Finish4(x3)
Highest Grid Position1
Hulkenberg is quite the points scorer with 530 points under his belt.

Romain Grosjean

A notable mention to Haas F1 drivers has to be Romain Grosjean who was one of Haas’ first ever drivers and drove for the team for their first five seasons. He joined Renault team as test driver in 2008 one year after winning the Formula Three Euroseries. Grosjean raced under the French flag although he is native to Switzerland. Grosjean had previously been one of the team’s Development Drivers. Since making his debut in Formula One Grosjean has been known as quite the tumultuous driver often getting involved or causing collisions on the grid. Grosjean impressed many with his driving skills and always had a seat on the grid for the years he drove in Formula One.

In 2020, Grosjean was told that he would not have a seat with Haas for the 2021 season and therefore his Formula One career was potentially over if he was not offered another seat, little did he know at the time that his F1 career was actually finished for good. When driving in Bahrain his third last race for Haas, Grosjean had one of the worst crashes in Formula One history. He drove into a wall at over 200 km/hr, splitting the chassis of the car in two and engulfing it in flames. For 30 seconds the F1 world waited for just under 30 seconds which felt like a lifetime to see Grosjean emerge from the flames miraculously alive. He injured both his hands in the accident.

This crash showed the determination and drive of Grosjean as the following year he went on to pursue a career in IndyCar racing in the US. He drives for the Andretti team.

Haas F1 Reserve driver

Pietro Fittipaldi

Haas have confirmed that Pietro Fittipaldi will continue as their official test and reserve driver for the 2023 season. The 26-year-old  has formula one bloodline with his grandfather being two-time F1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi . 2023 will be Fittipaldis fifth straight season with Haas F1 team. Pietro Fittpaldi tested the VF-18 and VF-19 F1 cars. The Brazilian-American made his Grand Prix debut when Romain Grosjean suffered a terrible injury in 2020, replacing him for the final two rounds of the season.

Haas F1 car 2023

Haas’ car for the 2023 season is the VF-23. After sticking with a mostly white scheme in past seasons, Haas have switched things up for the VF-23 by moving to a black base with white features and red highlights. New title sponsor MoneyGram very much show their presence, with the company’s logos covering both front wing and engine cover. Along with exterior changes, Haas also changed the interiors. The new Vf-23 kept their centre loaded front wing concept with this new design which is to help create more outwash in front of the front wheels and the stronger suction in the middle to to help drag more clean air to the centre.

The floor edge has been raised by 15mm in 2023 to keep in line with F1 guidelines.  This year Haas followed Ferrari’s design with dished sidepod. This allows clean air to be dragged downwards, however Haas have deigned the car so the flow does not get dragged all the way down instead they release it at the upper wishbone. The VF-23 also has mandatory larger mirrors installed this season. What do you think of the new livery Haas has provided for the 2023 season?

Haas F1 Team Achievements

Since Haas is a relatively new team to Formula One they do not have as many achievements as other teams. For the 8 seasons that the F1 team have been on the grid they have started a total of 156 races and have achieved two fastest laps and gained 248 points. In these 156 races there best finish has been fourth place, best grid position has been fourth position and their best rank has been an impressive fifth place. Out of the 248 points that Haas have gained, 11 of these have been double points finishes. For the 2023 season we are sure Haas home to improve on these achievements with their dynamic duo driving pair Hulkenberg and Magnussen.

Haas F1 Merchandise


If you are a fan of the Haas Formula One team and you are looking for some merchandise to show your support, then we have a list of stores that will allow you to buy as much merch as you want. We have complied a list of all the best websites where you can get Haas Merchandise to show everyone who exactly you support on the F1 grid. From memorabilia to clothing there are many different Haas F1 items for you to choose from.

FANS Brand

Fans Brand is a great website that sells Motorsport merchandise. They also have decent discounts from time to time such as 40% off, so it is a great option for more high-priced merchandise that you have been wanting to get your hands on. Here fans can buy Haas pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, sweatshirts, and jackets. Besides their general sales that they offer the store also often has 10% off selected items such as caps and hats. If you have a Haas F1 fan in your life, then their Haas F1 gifts section is a great stocking filler at Christmas. Prices can vary from the mid €30’s up to and over €100.

Haas Merch

On this website fans can buy Haas F1 team clothing. Here you can buy printed t-shirts of the Haas logo which comes in different colours and designs and t-shirts with quotes said by drivers and Steiner, for example “We look like a bunch of Legends” can be found on various t-shirts in distinctive designs. All t-shirts are priced at the same price making it even harder for you to choose which on to get. The price of the t-shirts are £23.95. This collection is unique to Haas and very popular among Haas Formula one fans.

Moneygram Haas F1 Media

If you want to keep up to date with the Haas F1 teams progress and news throughout the year you have plenty of media options to choose from. For any F1 fans there is the option to listen to F1:Beyond the Grid podcast to hear exclusive interviews with Haas drivers and team members.


The  Haas F1 Team | Haas F1 Team website uploads press releases every few days keeping fans up to date on performances in qualifying, grand prix results and upcoming races. Fans can also read about Haas partnerships and accreditations. The press releases give statements by the Moneygram Haas F1 team giving fans an insight into how the Haas team feel. You can read question and answer articles by the Haas drivers Magnussen and Hulkenburg.

Social Media

Moneygram Haas F1 team can also be found on many social media accounts so you can follow them on your preferred application or all.


haas insta
Moneygram Haas F1 team post regular updates about their progression in Formula One

Haas’ Instagram account @haasf1team posts many updates about the team daily. The media team allow followers to see amazing photos from behind the scenes, of the racers and of the Haas team, still photos of races and of the cars. They also upload quotes from the drivers and the team to ensure you don’t miss anything that has been said. It also keeps fans up to date with results of qualifying and races on their stories. They save their race updates as highlights on their Instagram for fans to look back whenever they please. Haas also do Instagram lives which allow fans to interact with the team in real time. The page also gives a link to their linktree website for Haas wallpapers, teamwear selection and posters to name a few. Instagram is Haas’ most followed social media page.


twitter haas
Haas twitter page has quite the following with 1.5 million followers on their Twitter page.

The Moneygram Haas twitter account @haasf1team upload a lot of similar posts to that of the Instagram but with extra content included. The Haas media team really show their sense of humour with funny images of the drivers. The Haas Twitter page gives more up to date information during races, uploading the drivers positioning throughout. They also document pitstops and other activities happening inside the pit. The twitter page also gives a link to Haas linktree page so fans can easily access this form there.


The Hass teams Facebook page is very much the same to their Instagram account. They upload results and some behind the scenes photos but you won’t get updates on results and positionings as they happen like the Twitter page. Twitter is known for being such an interactive and up-to-date platform. Haas use Facebook for the basic information that does not date. Nevertheless Facebook is still a great social media page for seeing updates on Moneygram Haas and what is happening within the team. Facebook is Has’ least followed social media account yet they still upload regularly.


haas tiktok
Haas F1 team has over 600k followers on TikTok which they post regularly on.

If you like to watch videos and TikTok is your main source of media then you should follow the Moneygram Haas F1 team’s page. Here you will get exclusive videos of the drivers and have the opportunity to ask questions to the drivers and team via the comments. The drivers will often answer fans questions in separate videos. Through these videos you can see exactly what Haas are like as a team. Hulkenberg and Magnussen also take part in TikTok trends and challenges and make funny videos. You also get to see into their lives on the grid and what goes on behind the scenes for a Formula One driver. This is a must follow for Haas fans who crave for behind the scenes footage. Haas have over 7 million likes on their Tiktok videos making it a very popular platform for the team.

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