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If you didn’t know much about Aston Martin F1 team before this season you definitely do now.

If not this article will tell you all you need to know about the F1 Team. The 2023 season is over halfway there and the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team have really proved themselves as contenders for the top three this season. 2023 has been by far the teams best performance and it is exciting as to what else they will achieve before the season is out.

About Aston Martin F1 team

aston martin f1 team
Aston Martin have become a well respected team in Formula One

Although Aston Martin have had involvement in Formula One since the 1950’s they are relatively a new team when it comes to competing as a competitive Formula One team. In 1959 Aston Martin did a short two-year stint in F1 but they had truly little success during these seasons leading to their withdrawal. Over 40 years later Aston Martin made a return to Formula One but this time as sponsors and partners. In 2016, Aston Martin had a branding partnership with Red Bull becoming “Red Bull Racing Aston Martin”. The Aston Martin F1 team you know and love today officially began in 2021. Racing Points Formula One team was rebranded as Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, marking the beginning of a brand-new Aston Martins Works team in Formula One and a new bright future for the F1 team. Aston Martin made their F1 debut with the AMR21 with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll behind the wheel. In 2023 Fernando Alonso replaced Vettel who retired from Formula One. This year their drivers are Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso.


One of the most recognisable logos on the grid, Aston Martins iconic winged logo has remained pretty much unchanged throughout its time. When Aston Martin returned to Formula One they did not make many changes to the logo, keeping the classic white wings with Aston Martin written inside. Underneath the emblem, the name of the brand and the tagline “Formula One Team” can be seen. The teams sponsor Cognizant was also added to the logo with the name being underneath a green line underneath emblem. The Cognizant wordmark is written in the same font style as the official brand’s logo. This matches the trend in the F1 world of putting a sponsor’s branding into an existing team branding. The design features white writing on Aston Martin’s iconic racing green colouring. The latest version of the Aston Martin logo is a really good example of how F1 teams bring different brand elements together to highlight not just their core companies but their sponsors too, similar to Haas. 

Title Sponsor 


Cognizant Aston Martin announced their return to Formula One alongside a sponsorship deal with IT firm Cognizant. The company has been the teams title sponsor since 2021. Cognizant play an important role as Aston Martins title sponsor and are not just a name on the side of their car. Cognizant provide Aston Martin with their IT services which is very valuable in today’s digital world.  


In February 2022, Aston Martin made a long-term deal with Aramco. This led to another name change for the team renaming to Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team. Through the partnership, both sides will endeavour to create innovative lubricants, highly efficient internal combustion engines, high-performance sustainable fuels, and non-metallic materials for use in automobiles. 

Team Principal

Mike Krack is a Luxembourgish motorsports engineer. Krack started his engineering career at BMW in 1998 in the test engineer role and since then he has worked his way up the ranks. Throughout his career he has worked with some big names in the motorsport industry. He has worked at BMW Sauber F1 as the chief engineer, then he did a stint at Porsche WEC team as head of track engineering, and he also worked as the Head of Engineering, Operations and Organization for Racing and Testing at BMW. He then also spent some time at Kolles & Heinz Union and Hitech in Formula 3. Mike has also had stints in Formula 3 and DTM. In January 2022, Krack was announced as team principal of the Aston Martin Formula One Team succeeding Otmar Szafnauer. 

Aston Martin F1 Drivers 

Fernando Alonso

fernando alonso
Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso has driven for Aston Martin since 2023.

Fernando Alonso is one of the most recognised names and faces in the Formula One world. The Spanish driver began karting from the age of three and his talent was quickly spotted. Alonso got his break into the world of F1 when he impressed with his performance at the 1999 Euro Open by Nissan series achieving the first-place title at the age of 17. He received a deal to race in the Internatinal Formula 3000 championship. This opportunity led Alonso to be nominated as Minardi’s test and reserve driver for the 2000 F1 season. Alonso showed impeccable skill on the track and was quickly promoted to the coveted race seat for the 2001 season. The following year he made his F1 debut with Renault as test driver and following year as main driver. Alonso achieved remarkable success at Renault. In 2005 Fernando Alonso achieved what every driver dreams of and became World Champion. Not only did he do this once but the following year he had repeated success and became the youngest double F1 World Champion in history in 2006. During his time with Renault, he broke many records achieving F1’s youngest polesitter, race winner and world champion at the time. 

Alonso’s huge breakthrough success was followed by a few years of disappointment with the Spanish driver driving competitively but not being able to regain the title he once earned. From 2007 until 2018 Fernando did stints at McLaren, Ferrari, and Renault. In 2019 and 2020, Alonso took a break from the sport he loved and returned in 2021 with Alpine. During his time out of F1 he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice. In 2023 Alonso made the move to Aston Martin where he has seen immense success winning many podiums and achieving his 100th podium in his career which he has since surpassed. The Spaniard has really proved he never lost it.  

Fernando Alonso uses the number 14 when he drives.  

Alonso Statistics 

Highest Race Finish1(x32)
Highest Grid Position1
Alonso has won first place in 32 races throughout his career.

Lance Stroll  

stroll insta
Lance Stroll has an impressive 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Ever since a young child Lance Stroll has had an interest in driving and as a child he quickly rose through the North American karting ranks. At 12 years old, Stroll was enrolled into the Ferrari Driver Academy. Beginning his F1 career at a youthful age, Lance Stroll has had quite the Formula One career so far remaining as one of the longer-serving consistent racers on the grid at current. Stroll made his F1 debut with Williams F1 team in 2017. Joining the team as a rookie he proved his worth by gaining his maiden podium at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in his first season, making him the youngest rookie to do so at the time.

Lance Stroll has had to rise through much speculation and negative press throughout the years due to his fathers’ business involvement in Formula One. This has often overshadowed a lot of Strolls performances. In 2019 Lance Stroll made the move to Racing Point who would later be rebranded as Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team when Strolls father Lawerence Stroll bought a huge stake in the team. Lawrence Stroll is the current chairman of Aston Martin Racing. Lance Stroll has done well in the past few years earning two more podiums in 2020. The Belgium Canadian driver uses the number 18 when on the racing track. 

Lance Stroll Statistics

Highest Race Finish3(x3)
Highest Grid Position1
Stroll has been known as quite the points scorer for his teams.

Reserve driver 

A reserve driver is essentially a driver that is on standby during grand prix weekends to fill in incase one of the main drivers cannot drive for some reason. This can be due to illness or injury or other reasons. A reserve driver can often be seen at Grand Prix just incase they are needed. Being a reserve driver is a great way for drivers to potentially work their way into that much wanted drivers seat. In November 2022, Stoffel Vandoorne was confirmed as test and reserve driver. The Belgian used to drive for Mercedes in the same role for many years. Aston Martin have also set up their very own development programme this year, recruiting F2 champion Felipe Drugovich. The Brazilian-Italian driver has been given great opportunities this season driving in pre-season testing, season-openings and in FP1. 

Sebastian Vettel

We can’t talk about Aston Martin and not give one of their previous drivers a mention. A man that needs no introduction, Sebastian Vettel drove for Aston Martin for their first two years back on grid before he retired at the end of the 2022 season. The German driver has had quite the Formula One career and will go down in F1 history as one of the greatest drivers on the grid. Vettel saw great success when driving for Red Bull Racing. For four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013, Vettel won four World Drivers’ Championships in a row. This put him up there with the likes of F1 legends like Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Vettel quickly made a name for himself in F1 and became known for his dominant and skillful driving. After his success with Red Bull the German driver also did some time with Scuderia Ferrari and he performed well winning many races and podiums. Aston Martin were the last F1 team that Vettel drove for before he retired. Throughout his career Vettel won 53 races, had 122 podiums, 57 poles and 38 fastest laps. He raced 299 races during his F1 career and scored a total of 3098 points.

Aston Martin F1 Car 2023 

Aston Martin really changed things up with the AMR23 for the 2023 season with 95% of the new car being completely changed from the AMR22. This aggressive new change is matched with the hope to improve on Aston Martins performance for the new season. With a whole new team of engineers and staff it is no surprise that the AMR23 had a stark difference from their other cars. Aston Martin decided to not use a centre loaded front wing this season and instead decided to load it more outside. Aston kept their two-element pitot tube with the lower one measuring air direction and the upper one measuring the air speed. The AMR23 has large, down washing sidepods with a huge undercut. The AMR23 has done quite a good job so far this season helping the drivers achieve Aston Martins best season so far. What do you think of Aston Martins new car the AMR23 and what are your opinions on its impressive performance thus far in the season?

Aston Martin F1 Team Achievements 

Aston Martin F1 team have not been involved in Formula One for a very long time but in the time they have had on track they have made a name for themselves especially this season. Out of the 63 races they have entered they have started 62 of them. They have yet to win a race but this season has seen them getting very close on a number of occasions. They have had a total of 8 podiums so far with Fernando Alonso being a great contributor to this tally. They have had a total of 347 points with 215 of the points being from the 2023 season alone and it is still not finished. They have had one fastest lap. Although Aston Martin have not had any big wins I don’t think it will be long before we see this as they have been very prominent in 2023 so far placing third place at the time of writing this article.


Aston Martin F1 Merchandise 

If you are a fan of the Aston Martin Formula One team and you are looking for some merchandise to show your support, we have complied a list of stores that will allow you to buy as much merch as you want. Below is a list of all the best websites where you can get Aston Martin Merchandise to show everyone exactly who you support on the F1 grid. From clothing to keyrings to memorabilia there are many different Aston Martin F1 items for you to choose from. 

FANS Brand  

Fans Brand is a brilliant website that sells all Motorsport merchandise including Aston Martin merch. They also have exceptional discounts throughout the year such as 10- 40% off, making it a great option for more expensive merchandise that you have been wanting to get your hands on. Here fans can buy Aston Martin jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, caps and pants. If you have an Aston Marti F1 fan in your life, then the Aston Martin F1 gifts section is a great stocking filler at Christmas, Birthdays or other occasions. Here you can get water bottles, lanyards, umbrellas, bags and cups. Prices can vary from the mid €20’s up to and over €200. 

Aston Martin Merchandise

On this website fans can buy Aston Martin F1 team clothing. Aston Martin have their clothing brand partnership with Kimoa x AMF1, where fans can buy hoodies, wind breakers, sweaters, polos and t-shirts. The websites do men, women and kids clothing so there are many varied sizes and designs to choose from. It also sells accessories such as cups, pens, bags and flags and they do a selection of different caps. There is free shipping on items over £80. Fans can be kitted out with the iconic green colouring of the Aston Martin team

Aston Martin F1 Media 

If you want to keep up to date with the Aston Martin F1 teams progress and news throughout the year you have plenty of media options to choose from. For any F1 fans there is the option to listen to F1:Beyond the Grid podcast to hear exclusive interviews with Aston Martin drivers and team members. 


The Aston Martin website uploads press releases very regularly keeping fans up to date on performances in qualifying, grand prix results and upcoming races. Fans can also read about Aston Martin partnerships and accreditations. The Aston Martin page is up to date with all statistics you need and gives quotes from drivers and tea members on how they feel about upcoming races and previous races. This gives fans an insight into Stroll and Alonso feelings surrounding their performance and the teams performance.  

Social Media 

Aston Martin F1 team can also be found on many social media accounts so you can follow them on your preferred application or all. 


insta aston martin

Aston Martin F1 team post regular updates about their progression in Formula One 

The Instagram account @astonmartinf1 posts many updates about the team daily. The media team allow followers to see cool photos from behind the scenes, of the racers and of the Aston Martin team. They often upload videos from the drivers including reserve drivers with mini interviews being shown on their grid. It also keeps fans up to date with results of qualifying and races on their stories.

You can clearly see the passion that all team members have for the team in the behind the scenes video clips from the pit. Aston Martin have a link attached to their Instagram that gives fans direct access to other pages, campaigns and other material. The Instagram has 3.8 million followers and over 5,780 posts.


The Aston Martin twitter account @astonmartinf1 upload a lot of similar posts to that of the Instagram but with extra content included. The Aston Martin media team upload posts with quotes that drivers have said to make sure fans do not miss a word said. The Aston Martin Twitter page gives more up to date information during races, uploading the drivers positioning every few laps. They also document pitstops and other activities/reactions happening inside the pit. The Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Team have a big following with 2.1 million people using the app to keep up with the teams progress and updates.


The Aston Martin teams Facebook page has very much the same vibe as their Instagram account. They upload results and some behind the scenes photos, but you won’t get updates on results and positionings as they happen like the Twitter or Instagram page. Regardless it is still a good social media page for seeing updates on Aston Martin F1 team and what is happening within the team. The Facebook page has 1.2 million loyal followers who like to keep up to date with the team regularly.


am tiktok
Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team post regularly on TikTok

Do you enjoy watching videos and is TikTok is your main source of media? Well then maybe you should follow the Aston Martin F1 team’s page to get some extra Aston Martin content. Here you will get exclusive videos of the drivers and have the opportunity to ask questions to the drivers and team via the comments during lives. Through these videos you can see exactly what Aston Martin are like as a team. This is a must follow for Aston Martin fans who live for behind the scenes footage. The Tiktok has an amazing 1.6 million followers and an impressive 30 million likes making their Tiktok page quite popular.

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