Your Ultimate Guide to Knowing The 6 Most Popular Acura Cars

When you’re searching for a new car, we need an experience. In this article, we will highlight the most iconic Acura cars and the experience you will get behind each masterpiece! If there is something we all agree on, it’s our love affair with luxury cars. But you’d fall in love millions of times when a vehicle combines a luxury feel with a functional look and features.

This Japanese brand tends to be strong, classy, sturdy, and reliable, powered by a timeless engine.

This article will go through the most beautiful Acura cars that have overtaken the world. But before this, let’s learn more about the brand’s logo, which will tell you more about the legacy and concept behind each car design.

Acura Logo

Performance happens when every element in the company reflects excellence and works together. So, it’s not just about the driver and machine. It’s about identity, too. Being a premium division of Honda, it looks very familiar.

But the Acura logo is original and recognisable among luxury brands. It exemplifies aristocracy with a restrained feature emphasising the style and the image of the classy brand. Actually, It’s not a modified A it’s an N. 

The whole identity was designed for high-power vehicles that targeted the American market, so Acura artists focussed on the naming and graphic concepts matching the American style. Just remember that ACURA doesn’t relate to the Japanese langue. Instead, it’s the Latin word “acu”, meaning precise or done with precision. 

Fun fact: when the company marketed its new flagship, it didn’t refer to the origin of the name, which led some magazines to design competition in interpreting ACURA or which it referred to. The winner claimed that ACURA was an acronym for “Asia’s Curse Upon Rural America,” which is wrong!

Let’s see how the logo has been developed over the years. 

1986 -1989

The brand was set up in March 1986 but had no logo until 1989. After that, however, it was just the letters of ACURA. 

1989 – Today

The authentic logo of Acura appeared on a radiator grille after that. It has an outrageous style but is well-designed. It came to the public for the first time on NSX. The emblem features the letter “A” with two harsh angles connected by a bold and thin horizontal bar surrounded by a cycle which minimises the feeling of the brutal style of clean elements.  

It’s not A stylised; it’s a calliper, according to the company itself, when revealing the identity of the luxurious Japanese cars in 1990. 

They chose the calliper as a symbol of precision and accuracy when measuring all details of their production, highlighting the idea of unequal quality and singular brand value. However, you can still see it as a union between A and H, which refers to Honda and Acura. 

The logo has appeared in only one colour since it was invented, black. And then, because of the digital platforms, it turned out to be a sliver. With its boldness and peculiarity, this logo performed well in winning the premium segment. 

Most Iconic Acura Cars

Acura sets a new standard for luxury cars with its attention to detail and innovative features. The company prioritises what matters most to its customers and leaves the little issues to its competitors. And if you’re wondering what the common thing between all its models is, it’s PERFORMANCE!

They cut all hassle by putting the driver’s experience first by letting wild ideas and unextraordinary concepts come screaming to auto manufacturing. Without other odds, join us in this journey to identify the most iconic Acura cars and what sets them apart.

The Vigor (1981)

The Vigor began to produce in 1981, but you can tell it was first introduced in 1992 to fill the gap in size and price between the Legend and Integra, but it failed to reach its customers. The Vigor was not just a lightweight design run by an impressive engine. It was the blueprint for Acura’s future models and quickly became Acura’s bestseller, and it was available to the public until 1995.

As the company started to shift its naming model to an alphanumeric style, the Vigor belonged to the TL series. The Vigor replaced the Honda Quint, which was discontinued in 1991. This model was available in Japan and North America and sold in Europe and Australia as the Honda Ascot and Honda Rafaga, respectively.

Additionally, The Vigor was powered by a 2.5-litre V6 engine and was available with either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

NSX (1989)

 “The best sports car ever built, “Motor Trend announced. 

This car was outstanding, assembling all the elements of exotics. Acura penetrated the market with an all-new model. It brought new technological appointments, and the company became the leader. It had a smooth monocoque body with the first engine electronic valve timing and lift, and the first car was powered by an engine connected to titanium rods.  

Thanks to its world-class performance and technological inventions, NSX won many accolades once Acura offered it to the public. The look was stunning, with a welcoming cockpit and variable inspiring handling. It was special and offered something unique.

TL (1995)

It went beyond good cars to be an iconic machine. While the stock market was booming, witnessing a growing economy and a new era of technology, TL appeared to surprise luxury manufacturers. The Japanese company made a smart move to present this car while luxury car sales were climbing. And TL was no exception.

Acura redefined itself to the crowded luxury giants on its way by reinvigorating the spirit of high-quality standards and striking features. Besides its distinctive look and performance, TL featured Bluetooth hands-free cellphone system, a DVD-based XM satellite radio and navigation system, and leather seats. 

This car became the bestseller in its class for at least 3 years. It was the main reason for rocking sales after years of stagnation. 

MDX (2001)

Acura’s MDX is a reliable and luxurious SUV that has been on the market for over 20 years since it was introduced in 2001, but the company has plans to release a new edition in 2023. Its comfortable ride, ample cargo space, and safety features are known for its comfortable ride. The 2020 MDX is the latest model, and it comes with a few new unmissable features that make it even better than previous versions. 

But actually, the Japanese manufacturer has raised the bar since it unveiled its first edition years ago. Not to forget, it was the first SUV developed and designed entirely in-house. The navigation system used in MDX became the benchmark in this industry, and it won the compilation among its class thanks to the third-row seat, which could be easily folded flat into the floor. 

Also, Variable Torque Management’s four-wheel drive granted the car another edge with an exceptional experience without compromising on-road capabilities. MDX was the first luxury SUV featuring ULEV (ultra low emissions vehicle), so you can tell it was somewhat of a friendly-environment vehicle.  

The car was followed by critical acclaim and reaped many titles, such as being voted Sport Utility of the Year, a competition by Motor Trend, winning North American Truck of the Year, and the Luxury SUV category by Car and Driver. And in 2013, a new model came to the street with more connectivity and comfort, delivering outstanding performance at a price no luxury automaker can offer.  

Not just that, for the first time, the company developed a new two-wheel drive model, including a Keyless Access System with Push Button Start. Also, the 2014 MDX was loaded with new standard features; Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, superb exterior and interior LED lighting, Expanded View Driver’s Mirror, an aggressive 432-watt Acura sound system, etc.

Even the second-row seating included a One-Touch Walk-In feature to get you easy access to the third row with extended slide technology. Also, you could optimise your car with advanced appointments such as an 8-inch On-Demand Multi-Information Display touchscreen.

Finally, customers could enjoy a high level of privacy thanks to acoustic glass front windows and windshields. The proof was the market reaction as buyers crowded dealers across the United States, amounting to a new sales record that became a brand’s bedrock. And it remained the best-selling 3-Row Luxury SU for a while.

ZDX (2009) 

Acura’s high-end SUV, the ZDX, was entirely assembled in the USA and is a fully-featured showpiece of American ingenuity. It’s sophisticated and fashionable and packed to the gills with valuable functions. It was a game-changing vehicle four-door coupe instantly made furor when introduced at New York International Auto Show in 2009. Acura engineers seemed to exploit their experience to build a timeless design for drivers and passengers alike. 

The ZDX directed the whole brand to a new level of personal luxury. The front end of the ZDX is particularly striking, with its large grille and aggressive-looking headlights. The rear end is also eye-catching, thanks to the unique taillights and dual exhaust outlets. Acura’s ZDX is a vehicle known for its engine and performance. The 3.7-litre V6 engine can produce 300 horsepower and 270 Lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and comes standard with front-wheel drive. There’s also an all-wheel drive option for those looking for more power.

Price, exterior, interior, and unbelievable performance are all the most selling points for this astonishing vehicle. This model was honoured to win Esquire’s “Car of the Year” award in 2010, described as “the most gorgeous, thrilling, undeniably American Japanese ride of 2010.”

The new edition of ZDX was scheduled to be released in 2024. Acura will introduce many new technologies in this body, just like GM’s Ultrium battery, enabling the driver to go away until 312 miles without recharging. It’s just a hint of what this reliable car will be, and we’re sure that Acura will strike the market with a new revolutionary machine as usual. 

RLX (2013)

The fast market-changing during this time was unprecedented, thanks to high-speed technology. It was challenging for some. But for Acura, inventing something to adapt to this revelation and meet new demands was inspiring. That’s why RLX hit the street in the mid of 2013. It was a value-for-money all-new sedan with the latest high-content technology. 

Acura’s RLX is a midsize entry-luxury sedan that offers an enjoyable and comfortable ride. It has a V6 engine with 310 horsepower and all-wheel drive. The RLX also has many safety features, making it an excellent choice for families. Powered by a wide array of signature technologies, RLX features Jewel Eye™ LED headlights, Precision All-Wheel Steer™, and the second generation of the AcuraLink® linked car system.

Many local drivers emphasised that RLX came with new comfort levels and convenience. It’s the most powerful, spacious and technologically updated sedan the luxury brand presents in Acura’s flagship sedan. It raised the game with other competitors with a new look, transmission, and engine. It has a new all-wheel system for an exceptional driving experience. 

Many car buyers consider this vehicle their dream car due to its endless technology features, which are always the core of all Avura luxury cars. And when we refer to outstanding attributes of RLX, we don’t just mean entertainment technology. Indeed, the car had copious drive-relevant technology appointments more than any before. This innovative luxury combination made everyone love the SUV so much today because Acura always gets stuck to a basic tenet of having something reliable, abundant and practical. And RLX delivered this in spades. 

It’s not abnormal to see luxurious Japanese cars everywhere. But honestly, if you want to trace the history of the Asian country’s ability to build high-end vehicles, you can’t go so far. You could hardly find luxurious cars on the roads, especially in the US, during the harsh years of the oil shortage. Economical vehicles that required less maintenance replaced the majority of luxurious ones. During this time, all car makers, including Japanese brands, created minimal, reliable, and efficient vehicles to meet market demand.

That was the beginning of the legend of Acura, a car that can be all in one. And that has made Acura beloved by millions of Americans till now.

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