Everything You Need to Know About the Audi Q5 Range


Embarking on the quest for an unmatched premium SUV certainly presents many options, enough to send one’s head into a spin. We’re all too familiar with meticulously examining details in pursuit of the quintessential fusion of elegance, vigour, and versatility.

Interestingly enough, did you catch that the versatile Audi Q5 boasts an impressive electric range of up to 26 miles? Our carefully curated guide delves deep into what positions the Audi Q5 as a top contender in its league.

Join us as we unwrap each layer of what makes this vehicle potentially your perfect motoring match — here’s everything you need to know about the stellar Audi Q5 Range.

Overview of the Audi Q5 Range

Audi Q5
Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 Range combines wheel appeal, sporty design and styling, innovative lighting features, and a comfortable climate-controlled interior. With its sleek exterior and luxurious interior, the Audi Q5 range is designed to impress.

Wheel appeal

Wheels can make or break the look of a crossover SUV, and we think Audi has nailed it with the Q5’s wheel designs. Sleek alloys come as standard, but there’s also a selection of sizes and styles to choose from that can add significant kerb appeal to this handsome vehicle.

Opting for more giant rims gives the Q5 an aggressive stance on the road and complements its sporty design ethos.

We know that handling matters as much as aesthetics for car enthusiasts like us. The Quattro drive system with ultra technology doesn’t disappoint. It ensures that whatever wheels you pick are more than just eye candy; they contribute to responsive steering and stable cornering at speed.

With Audi’s firm commitment to performance luxury vehicles, rest assured these wheels are engineered for both show and go.

Sporty design and styling

The Audi Q5 range is renowned for its sporty design and stylish aesthetic. With sleek lines, bold contours, and a confident stance, the Q5 exudes a powerful and athletic presence on the road.

Its dynamic silhouette and sculpted bodywork create an impression of agility and performance. The LED headlights with striking daytime running lights add to the modern look. At the same time, the available Sportback model introduces a more coupe-like design for those seeking an even more dynamic appearance.

The interior design reflects sporty sophistication with premium materials, refined finishes, and attention to detail. The cabin offers a blend of luxury and athleticism that complements the exterior styling, creating a cohesive experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Innovative lighting features

Transitioning from the sporty design and styling, we turn our attention to the innovative lighting features of the Audi Q5. The Audi Q5 boasts advanced lighting technology that enhances both visibility and aesthetics.

Equipped with LED headlights and dynamic rear indicators as standard, the Q5 offers an optional upgrade to Matrix LED headlights with dynamic indicators for improved illumination and safety on the road.

Complementing its impressive exterior lighting, the Audi Q5 incorporates interior ambient lighting that adds a touch of sophistication and enhances driving comfort. With customisable colour options, the ambient lighting creates a personalised atmosphere within the vehicle’s cabin.

Comfortable and climate-controlled interior

The Audi Q5 boasts a comfortable and climate-controlled interior, providing a luxurious driving experience for both driver and passengers. With premium upholstery materials, ample legroom, and supportive seating, the Q5 ensures comfort during short commutes or long road trips.

The innovative climate control system allows individuals to customise temperature settings according to their preferences, ensuring an enjoyable drive regardless of external weather conditions.

Furthermore, the spacious cabin offers all occupants generous headroom and leg space. Combined with thoughtful storage compartments and advanced infotainment features, the interior of the Audi Q5 is designed to cater to modern lifestyle needs without compromising on style or functionality.

Trim Options and Customisation

Customising your Audi Q5 range is easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for sleek exterior finishes or luxurious interior upholstery, read on to find out more!

Exterior options and finishes

The Audi Q5 offers a variety of exterior options and finishes that cater to diverse preferences, including:

  1. We offer a choice of metallic and pearl-effect paint finishes in various sophisticated and vibrant colours, such as Navarra Blue, Daytona Grey, Mythos Black, and Ibis White.
  2. The Black Styling Pack provides a sleek and sporty appearance with high-gloss black elements on the grille, window surrounds, roof rails, and exterior mirror housings.
  3. Selectable wheel sizes range from 18 to 21 inches with attractive designs to enhance the vehicle’s overall look while ensuring optimal performance.
  4. An available panoramic glass sunroof adds an upscale touch to the exterior aesthetics while flooding the cabin with natural light for an enhanced driving experience.
  5. Optional LED headlights with advanced lighting technology provide clear visibility in any driving conditions while adding a modern and futuristic appeal to the front end of the Q5.
  6. An S-line exterior package includes unique design elements such as exclusive bumpers, side sills, badges, and styling cues that exude a more athletic and dynamic presence on the road.

Interior upholstery and materials

Moving on from exterior options and finishes, let’s delve into the luxurious interior of the Audi Q5. The interior design boasts premium materials such as genuine leather, brushed aluminium, and wood veneers, exuding refinement and elegance. The cabin also features advanced technology, including a high-resolution infotainment system with smartphone integration and a virtual cockpit display for an immersive driving experience.

  1. Plush Seats: The Audi Q5 offers comfortable and supportive seats with heating, ventilation, and massage functions for front and rear passengers.
  2. Ambient Lighting: Customisable ambient lighting enhances the interior and elevates the overall driving experience while adding a touch of sophistication to the cabin.
  3. Acoustic Insulation: Sound-deadening materials ensure a quiet ride, allowing occupants to enjoy conversations or simply relax in tranquillity while on the road.
  4. Boot Space and Storage: The spacious boot compartment provides ample room for luggage or shopping, complemented by intelligent storage solutions throughout the vehicle.
  5. Premium Finishes: Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the interior, with carefully crafted finishes and soft-touch surfaces contributing to a sense of luxury and exclusivity.
  6. Infotainment System: The intuitive infotainment system offers seamless connectivity and entertainment options while navigating effortlessly, keeping drivers informed without distractions.
  7. Climate Control: Dual-zone automatic climate control allows customisation of temperature settings for individual comfort in different cabin areas.
  8. Driver Assistance Features: Advanced driver assistance technologies help ensure safety and convenience during every journey, offering peace of mind for long drives and city commutes.
  9. Connectivity Options: With multiple USB ports, wireless charging capabilities, and connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, occupants can stay connected on the go.

Available packages and accessories

The Audi Q5 offers a variety of packages and accessories to enhance the driving experience. These include:

  1. The Black Styling package adds a sporty edge to the exterior with high gloss black detailing on the grille, window surrounds, and roof rails.
  2. The Comfort and Sound package includes advanced keyless entry, a Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system, and multi-coloured LED interior lighting.
  3. The Driver Assistance package includes adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist and collision avoidance systems for increased safety on the road.
  4. The S-line package enhances the car’s sporty appearance with unique exterior styling elements, sports suspension, and 19-inch alloy wheels.
  5. Accessories like bike racks, cargo organisers, and all-weather floor mats offer practical additions for those with an active lifestyle or needing extra storage options.
  6. Buyers also have the choice to customise their vehicle further with various paint choices, wheel designs, and interior trims for a personalised touch that suits their preferences.

Performance and Drive Comfort

We’ll discuss the impressive impressions of driving the Audi Q5 range in city, motorway, and twisted roads, as well as its powerful engine and fuel efficiency.

Impressions in city, motorway, and twisted roads

Thanks to its responsive steering and agile handling, the Audi Q5 delivers a smooth and comfortable ride in the city. The compact SUV effortlessly navigates busy streets, offering visibility and easy manoeuvrability.

The Audi Q5 impresses motorways with its refined performance and stable cruising capabilities. Its powerful engine provides ample acceleration for overtaking while the cabin remains quiet and well-insulated from external noise.

When tackling twisted roads, the Q5 showcases its dynamic driving abilities with minimal body roll and precise cornering, providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for drivers seeking adventure.

Engine power and fuel efficiency

The Audi Q5 offers a variety of engine options, including diesel and petrol, complemented by mild-hybrid electrical assistance. This combination provides an impressive electric range of 26 miles with a maximum battery-only speed of around 85 miles per hour.

The innovative quattro drive system with ultra technology, highly efficient engines, and air suspension with damper control contribute to the Q5’s exceptional fuel efficiency and power.

The seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and Audi’s new clutch-based ‘quattro ultra’ four-wheel drive system provide smooth performance and responsive handling on various terrains.

With its starting price for the 40 TDI diesel and the 45 TFSI petrol engine models, the Audi Q5 balances powerful drive capabilities and fuel-efficient performance.

Space and Practicality

The Audi Q5 Range provides generous seating and cargo space, making it perfect for everyday practicality. With features designed to enhance functionality, the Q5 range ensures you have all the space and convenience you need on the road.

Generous seating and cargo space

The Audi Q5 offers ample seating and boot space, making it a practical choice for families and individuals needing versatility. With a spacious interior designed for comfort, the Q5 provides generous legroom and headspace in both the front and rear seats.

The 40/20/40 split-folding rear seatbacks allow customisable storage options to accommodate more oversized items while providing enough room for passengers. Additionally, the power-operated tailgate makes loading and unloading easier, enhancing the vehicle’s overall convenience.

Regarding boot space, the Audi Q5 impresses with its sizable boot capacity, which easily accommodates luggage, sports equipment, or other belongings. Whether it’s weekly groceries or weekend adventure gear, this SUV ensures ample space without compromising passenger comfort.

Features for everyday practicality

The Audi Q5 offers an array of features designed for everyday practicality. For instance:

  1. Practical cargo space, with a generous 25.1 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 53.1 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down, allows for ample storage of luggage or equipment.
  2. The power tailgate has a hands-free opening and closing feature, which is convenient when loading and unloading items, especially when your hands are full.
  3. Foldable rear seats with a 40:20:40 split configuration, allowing for versatile seating and cargo options, accommodating passengers and longer items simultaneously.
  4. Advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, and parking systems make everyday driving safer and less stressful.
  5. Convenient technology features like smartphone integration, wireless charging, and in-car Wi-Fi hotspots keep you connected while on the go.
  6. Climate-controlled front seats with available massage function enhance comfort during long drives or in varying weather conditions.
  7. Practical amenities such as an optional panoramic sunroof bring natural light into the cabin, adding to the overall driving experience.

Safety, Reliability, and Alternatives

Audi Q5
Audi Q5

We’ll also discuss the advanced safety features of the Audi Q5 range and any concerns about emissions, reliability, and joint issues. In addition, we’ll compare it to other Audi models and its competitors in the market.

Advanced safety features

The Audi Q5 range has advanced safety features, providing peace of mind and protection for drivers and passengers. With a comprehensive suite of driver assistance systems, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking, the Q5 prioritises safety on the road.

Additionally, the vehicle boasts high-strength steel reinforcement in critical areas to enhance structural integrity and protect occupants during a collision. Furthermore, advanced airbag systems strategically placed throughout the interior ensure maximum passenger protection in various impact scenarios.

In addition to active safety features, the Audi Q5 incorporates innovative passive safety technology. This includes highly responsive electronic stability control (ESC) that helps maintain vehicle stability during challenging driving conditions.

Concerns about emissions

As we shift our focus from advanced safety features to concerns about emissions, it’s essential to consider the Audi Q5’s environmental impact. The range of engine options, including diesel and petrol with mild-hybrid electrical assistance, reflects an effort to balance performance and sustainability.

However, some car enthusiasts may have reservations regarding emissions from combustion engines despite the mild-hybrid technology. It’s worth noting that the electric range of 26 miles and a maximum speed of around 85 miles per hour when running on battery alone can contribute significantly to reducing overall emissions during city driving.

Furthermore, potential buyers keen on understanding the carbon footprint may appreciate learning about innovations in drive systems like quattro ultra technology, which contribute to efficient fuel consumption while maintaining a dynamic driving experience.

Reliability and common issues

The Audi Q5 is renowned for its reliability, backed by a solid track record of performance and durability. The Q5 delivers a dependable driving experience with well-engineered components and advanced technology.

However, some common issues owners report include concerns with the electronic systems and occasional maintenance requirements associated with the hybrid models. However, owner satisfaction remains high due to the robust build quality and exceptional engineering.

From now on, we will discuss how the Audi Q5’s safety features enhance its appeal among car enthusiasts.

Comparison to other Audi models and competitors

When considering the Audi Q5, we must assess how it stacks up against its siblings and rivals. This comparison gives you insight into where the Q5 sits in the market.

ModelDimensions (L x W x H)Engine OptionsPerformanceInterior QualityPrice Range
Audi Q54682mm x 1893mm x 1659-1662mmPetrol, Diesel, Mild HybridUp to 26 miles electric range, 85 mph on batteryLuxuriousStarting price for 40 TDI and 45 TFSI models
Audi Q3Smaller than Q5Petrol, DieselLess power, no mild hybridPremiumGenerally more affordable than Q5
Audi Q7Larger than Q5Petrol, Diesel, Plug-in HybridMore powerful, larger electric rangeMore spacious and high-endHigher starting price than Q5
BMW X3Similar to Q5Petrol, Diesel, Plug-in HybridComparable performancePremiumSimilar price range to Q5
Mercedes-Benz GLCSimilar to Q5Petrol, Diesel, Plug-in HybridSlightly better electric rangeLuxuriousCompetitive with Q5 pricing

In this landscape, the Q5 holds its own with its range of engine options and mild-hybrid technology, offering a seamless blend of performance and luxury. The dimensions of the Q5 ensure it’s a comfortable fit for those seeking a mid-size SUV. Competitors like the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC present similar attributes but may offer different nuances that cater to varying preferences. Each model has unique selling points, and the Q5’s practicality and advanced features make it a compelling option for consumers.


In conclusion, the Audi Q5 range boasts a variety of engine options, including diesel and petrol, with mild-hybrid electrical assistance. It offers an electric range of 26 miles and a maximum speed of around 85 miles per hour when running on battery alone.

With advanced technology, such as the Quattro drive system and ultra-efficient engines, the Q5 delivers a practical yet luxurious driving experience that appeals to car enthusiasts seeking performance and comfort.

The Audi Q5 is a top contender in its class, providing consumers with versatile driving capabilities and notable advancements in its 2024 version.


1. What makes the Audi Q5 an excellent choice in luxury vehicles?

The Audi Q5 is a luxury SUV with impressive interior features and firm performance. It is part of the acclaimed Audi Q model range and is known for its quality.

2. Can I find used cars in the Audi Q5 range?

Yes, there are secondhand Audi Q5s available for sale that offer luxury and value as an option for those interested in premium used cars.

3. Are financing options available when buying a secondhand Audi Q5?

Certainly! Dealers widely offer finance options to help you purchase your chosen pre-owned or secondhand car from the Audi Q5 range.

4. How does the Audi Q5 compare with other crossover vehicles?

The Audi SUV is often praised in car reviews for its blend of practicality and luxury, holding its own among the top crossover vehicles within the automotive industry.

5. Where can I learn about specific vehicle specifications and features of different models in the Audi Q range?

You can get detailed information on vehicle specifications and unique features across various models directly from official websites or reliable car review channels, focusing on everything you need to know about the full range, including performance details.


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