The Fascinating Evolution of Peugeot: Over 200 Years of Automotive History



Peugeot cars are a familiar sight on roads worldwide, making it one of the most widespread car brands on the planet. It holds the title of the world’s oldest car manufacturing company. This French carmaker’s story is full of daring designs, engineering triumphs, and technological leaps. It’s an inspiring tale of exceptional achievements in motorsport and high-performance cars for the road.

Once Upon a Time in France…

For centuries, the Peugeot family, hailing from the Montbéliard district and practising the Lutheran faith, has played a pivotal role in France’s economic and social progress. Their industrial empire, which dates back to the 17th century, has been at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives in the realm of social welfare.

In the late 1700s, Jean-Pierre Peugeot, born in 1734, made a bold move that would change his family’s trajectory forever. He paved the way for them to enter the industry when they ingeniously transformed a humble flour mill into a thriving steel mill.

In 1810, the Peugeot family business took a significant step towards establishing its engineering legacy. Jean-Pierre’s two sons, Jean-Pierre II and Jean-Frédéric, laid the groundwork for Peugeot Frères, turning their father’s dream into reality.

The steel produced at the Peugeot manufacturer back then was used to create various innovative products, including saw blades and watch springs, and it was even used to make crinoline skirts that shaped fashion in the 19th century! 

They were also renowned for making high-quality sewing machines and kitchen gadgets like coffee and pepper grinders. Interestingly, the French company still produces some of the best pepper grinders today!


The First Car

In 1890, Armand Peugeot was like a mad scientist, combining his bike knowledge with a Daimler two-cylinder engine to create the first Peugeot car with a petrol engine. Talk about a revolutionary ride!

Peugeot showed off their horsepower by winning the Puffy Huan horseless carriage competition 1894. The first time cars raced against each other, the world collectively held its breath. Armand’s unwavering belief in the potential of automobiles spurred him to embark on a mission to build cars, and the company has been dedicated to developing exceptional vehicles ever since.

In 1912, Peugeot decided to build a factory in Sochaux, France, because apparently, they were tired of assembling cars in their backyard. This factory is now called the Stellantis Sochaux plant and is known to be the world’s oldest car factory. This car manufactory is the cream of the crop in France.

Should I Buy a Peugeot?

Peugeot’s smaller models are like the superheroes of the car world—affordable and reliable, with the Peugeot 107, 206, and 308 leading the pack. Peugeot cars have gained a reputation for being reliable, and we’ll give you a sneak peek into why that is so that you can decide for yourself if it’s worth your money.


Affordable Maintenance

Peugeot owners can breathe a sigh of relief regarding repair costs, as they tend to be quite reasonable. This may be partly because these cars don’t have as much in-car technology as other vehicles. Still, regardless, it’s always nice to know that car repairs won’t leave you broke.

Generally speaking, Peugeot cars are a great choice for those who value affordability and convenience. Thanks to their widespread popularity, mechanics easily find replacement parts, making repairs a breeze. Repairing a regular car (like a Peugeot) is relatively simple compared to fixing a luxury car that requires specific and potentially costly parts.

Reliable Car

Whether exploring the city or venturing into the countryside, a Peugeot is a reliable choice for a safe journey. Peugeot cars are versatile and can easily handle rugged country roads and tight city streets. 

It’s impressive to see how even the budget models of Peugeot are built to withstand tough conditions. This is evident from the fact that older models are still widely used in countries like Benin in West Africa. 

Chic Designs

The new Peugeot range is a sight to behold! From sleek SUVs to stylish saloons and superminis, Peugeot has covered everything. Each model has a striking design that will definitely turn heads—and we mean that in the best way possible.


How Did They Come Up With Their Logo?

Did you know the iconic Peugeot lion logo has existed since the 1850s? But the one you see today differs from how it used to look back in the day. Emily Peugeot was responsible for the design, while jeweller Justin Blazer executed it.  

The famous lion is more than just a symbol; it embodies the tireless efforts and aspirations of the Peugeot family throughout the brand’s history. The lion’s teeth were chosen to symbolise the products’ sheer power and razor-sharp precision—a bold and fitting representation! 

The company recently established a new goal by aiming to modernise its brand and develop a more cutting-edge aesthetic. This new identity draws inspiration from the iconic logo of the 1960s, as envisioned by talented designers. 

The current logo is a real showstopper! It’s a black and white, flat lion’s head roaring its heart out, showcasing all its might. Peugeot’s new logo is like a stylish bridge connecting its heritage with its futuristic aspirations.

How Does the French Brand Name its Models?

Peugeot started calling its models after 3-digit numbers with a 0 in the centre in 1929 with the launch of their “201” model. The 201 was the OG of mass-produced cars in France at the time, proving that being affordable doesn’t mean being shoddy. The Sochaux factory was raking in so much dough; it was basically the Adele of car manufacturing plants.

While this system has proven to be effective, it’s not without its inconsistencies. For instance, there was no 506 or 507 before the 508. So, the company decided to skip the old single-zero names and go straight to the double zeros starting with the 1007 SUV in 2005—smart move!


Peugeot’s Most Popular Models

Thanks to their outstanding design and value, Peugeot cars are a strong contender in the automotive market. Check out these amazing models that you should consider:

Peugeot RCZ R

The RCZ R is a unique creation from the French brand, deviating from their typical style and design. This car is a stunning sports coupe that defies the norms of the brand’s usual hatchbacks and sedans. The RCZ R version is the way to go if you’re looking for a thrilling ride. 

A 1.6-litre turbocharged engine packs a punch with an impressive 266 horsepower. This version of RCZs is a speed demon, boasting a top speed of 155mph and an impressive 0-60 mph time of just under 6 seconds. No wonder this Peugeot is considered one of the fastest ever made!

Peugeot 5008 SUV

The Peugeot 5008 SUV is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for a vehicle for a large family. When compared to similar big SUVs, such as the Volvo XC40 and the Skoda Kodiaq, it holds its own. With 5 different trims to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that perfectly matches your unique preferences. 

Indulge in the ultimate style and sophistication with the car’s wonderful design. Every detail has been crafted to perfection from the elegant exterior to the luxurious interior. On top of that, the car promises an excellent driving experience, providing a smooth, pleasurable and comfortable ride.

Peugeot iOn

What more could you want in a little city vehicle than what the iOn provides? It can easily weave through traffic yet have a lot of space inside. More importantly, as people become more conscious of their environmental impact, this electrically powered model has become popular as an eco-friendly vehicle.

The iOn may be unable to cook you breakfast, but it sure knows how to save you some cash on petrol. It costs about £2 to charge completely and takes about 5 hours. While it may not break any land speed records, it can still give you a top speed of 130 Km/h / 81 mph.

The Latest Inception Concept

The Inception Concept is like the cool kid in school who sets the trend for everyone else. With its futuristic exterior and interior design, complete with the fancy Peugeot i-Cockpit® and Hypersquare control system, it’s no wonder the French carmaker plans to use it as inspiration for their future vehicles. By 2025, we can expect to see some seriously innovative features in their cars.

This new “Concept” is electrifyingly mind-blowing, boasting a 100 kWh battery that can take you on a 497-mile joyride. It has two electric motors, delivering a whopping 680hp and going from 0-62mph faster than you can say “electricity.”

The French brand’s distinctive designs and top-notch equipment are undoubtedly among the reasons behind its immense popularity. Peugeot’s impressive range of vehicles meets all your needs, whether seeking a practical family car or a sleek and sporty ride.

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